benefits of energy efficient windows

Energy-efficient window systems may not look extraordinary, but they’re special. They have the right combination of details to do everything low-performance units can’t. Woodbridge Home Solutions talks about their best benefits:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Let’s begin with the most obvious advantage of having energy efficient windows: minimized heating and cooling costs. Being key elements of your home’s complete thermal enclosure system, they disrupt different paths of heat transfer. They reflect most of the infrared light the sun radiates and conduct less energy to regulate your indoor climate more easily.

Consistent Comfort

When properly installed, they can be weathertight. This way, they prevent heat loss through convection by sealing the gaps that conditioned air uses to escape your home. In turn, your HVAC system doesn’t have to run more frequently to attain and maintain your desired level of comfort.

Excellent Noise Abatement

Most replacement windows deliver exceptional acoustic insulation too. Compared to inefficient units, they can block outdoor noise pollution better because they have more than one pane.

Diminished Condensation

Woodbridge Home Exteriors admits that indoor condensation is the consequence of having airtight windows. However, some products prevent this phenomenon from taking place despite high humidity levels. Windows filled with argon gas and designed with a warm-edge spacer can keep their surface temperature warm enough to avoid going below the dew point.

Enhanced UV Light Protection

Windows with low-E coatings reflect not only infrared light but also ultraviolet radiation. In turn, your home items won’t get sunburnt and lose their color more quickly.

Increased Daylighting

The glass of energy-efficient vinyl windows deflects the invisible portions of the solar spectrum only. In other words, it allows natural light to brighten up your space. It’s the opposite of tinted glass, which bounces sunshine back outside but admits heat.

Improved View

The panes of energy-efficient window products share the clarity of units with clear glass. Their low-E coatings are so thin you won’t know they exist. As a result, the outside world will look as vibrant as it should even when your windows are closed.

Decreased Maintenance

According to ENERGY STAR, the frames of true energy-efficient window systems are impervious to moisture and retain their finish longer. They may cost you slightly more initially, but they will require less expense in the long run.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors offers an impressive range of ENERGY STAR-labeled, locally made windows to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. Call us at (316) 226-8011 now to get your window replacement project running and get a free estimate in Hutchinson or Topeka, KS.


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