Window seals are crucial to making sure that your windows are helping insulate your home as they should. However, they can fail for a number of reasons, resulting in air leaks and poor window performance.

Some of the reasons window seals fail include:

Window Age

Over time, window seals can fail from wear and tear, no thanks to constant exposure to the elements. The older a window, the more severe the damage it has incurred, which is why seals in older windows have a tendency to fail.

Temperature Changes

As exterior components of your home, windows are subjected to temperature changes all the time. This can cause window seals to shrink and expand continuously, eventually leading to failure that makes exterior doors and windows ineffective at weather protection.

Lack of Maintenance

While windows are built to last, it’s not unusual for them to require routine maintenance to ensure they stay functional throughout their service life. This means inspecting and caring for every window component, including the weatherstripping. Without proper maintenance, weatherstripping will deteriorate, leading to eventual seal failure. 

Signs of Window Seal Failure

If you’re finding that it takes a while for your heating and cooling system to reach and maintain your desired indoor temperature, or you have inexplicably high energy bills, you could be looking at window seal failure. Schedule an inspection today to find out for sure and address the problem right away.

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