• fascia and soffit replacement


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What Are Fascia Roof Boards? Fascia boards protect your home from weather elements, preserve a roof's lifespan, and improve its overall appearance. They are often taken for granted, but discerning homeowners know they are [...]

  • double hung window

What is a Double-Hung Window

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What Is a Double-Hung Window? Double-hung windows are typically vertical windows with two distinct, operable sashes: an upper sash and a lower sash. The sashes can be tilted inward, making cleaning a hassle-free activity. [...]

Soffit Replacement & Installation

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What Is a Soffit and Why Does Your Roof Need It? Homes with updated or well-fitted soffits are protected from excess moisture buildup that can cause structural damage, including damage to roofing systems. The [...]

Composite Siding vs Fiber Cement

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Composite Siding vs Fiber Cement: Which Is Right for You? Homeowners considering installing new siding are faced with an important decision: “Which siding material do I choose?” One of the most common comparisons in [...]

What Is Composite Siding?

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What Is Composite Siding? A Helpful Guide for Homeowners When the time comes to replace your home’s exterior siding, one of the first choices to make is which material to use. You can choose [...]

Double-Pane vs. Triple-Pane Windows

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Double-Pane vs Triple-Pane Windows: A Guide for Homeowners When deciding on replacement windows, homeowners have to consider the pros and cons of double-pane vs triple-pane windows. Beyond aesthetics and curb appeal, your windows serve [...]

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