Double-Pane vs Triple-Pane Windows: A Guide for Homeowners

When deciding on replacement windows, homeowners have to consider the pros and cons of double-pane vs triple-pane windows. Beyond aesthetics and curb appeal, your windows serve several other important functions. The type of window you choose can affect your home’s soundproofing and energy efficiency. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the difference between triple-pane windows and their double-pane counterparts.


Double-Pane vs Triple-Pane Windows: What’s the Difference?

Between each layer of glass in a window is air or an inert gas like argon. The layer of gas provides better insulation than glass alone. As the name suggests, triple-pane windows have an extra pane of glass. As a result, they offer additional insulation and noise reduction than double-pane windows.


Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth It? Factors to Consider

While high-quality triple-pane windows keep your home more insulated from outside temperatures and noise, they do cost more. If you’re wondering whether triple-pane windows are worth it, consider  these factors:


The Climate in Your Area

Think about the temperatures year-round where you live. Do you have extremely cold winters, hot summers, or both? If so, triple-pane window installation may be worth considering for your next home improvement project. On the other hand, if you live in a temperate area with a mild climate year-round, the energy savings of triple-pane windows may not be enough to offset the higher upfront cost.


Noise Levels

Do you live in a secluded rural area or a busy city street or highway? If your home is in a quiet area, then the extra noise reduction of triple-pane windows may not be that important to you. However, homes in a busy urban area will benefit significantly from the additional layer of soundproofing.


Direction the Room Faces

Beyond how warm it is outside, the way your window faces impacts how efficient an extra pane of glass will be. Rooms facing south or west get more sunlight throughout the day than rooms that face north or east. You can save money on window installation by only opting for triple-pane in rooms that face south or west.


Low-E Glass: An Overview

Another option to keep in mind for your new windows is Low-E glass. Low-E (or “low-emissivity”) windows have an invisible coating made of a metallic alloy that allows light through the window but reflects UV radiation. As a result, your home gets just as much natural light without heating up. This feature may increase your home’s energy bill for areas with very cold winters because you won’t get as much warmth from the sun. However, for homes in warmer climates, Low-E glass can be an energy-efficient addition to your windows.


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Choosing between double-pane vs triple-pane windows is a multi-faceted decision. You should consider how much you’ll benefit from the energy efficiency and noise reduction of an extra pane of glass. Still have questions? Woodbridge Home Solutions has you covered. We offer free in-home estimates for homeowners throughout Texas and Kansas. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your next home remodel. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are triple-pane windows?

Triple-pane windows use three layers of glass called panes. In the spaces between the panes is an insulating gas (argon gas and air are the most common). The additional panes help keep warm or cool air in the home to prevent energy waste.

Are triple-pane windows worth the cost?

Triple panes help reduce a home’s energy bill by preventing heat loss, which can offset the cost of installation. However, the actual cost savings of more energy-efficient windows will depend on factors like your location’s climate and how long you plan to stay in your home.

What is between double-pane windows?

The space between panes of glass contains a thin layer of gas, usually air or, more commonly, argon. The gas acts as an insulator that helps prevent heat transfer. This keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Is there a cost difference between double and triple-pane glass?

Yes, in most cases, triple-pane windows cost more than double-pane windows. The cost difference is due to the additional materials used. Other factors affecting the total cost include the window frame material and size.

Can triple-pane windows reduce noise more effectively than double-pane windows?

Yes, in addition to insulating a home from heat loss, triple-pane windows are also more effective at insulating noise from outside. The extra layer of insulating gas makes it harder for outside noise to be audible in the home.

Do triple-pane windows really make a difference in energy savings compared to double-pane?

Triple-pane windows are generally more energy-efficient than double-pane windows. However, the additional layer of glass and insulating gas makes them a more expensive option.

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