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What Are Fascia Roof Boards?

Fascia boards protect your home from weather elements, preserve a roof’s lifespan, and improve its overall appearance. They are often taken for granted, but discerning homeowners know they are essential to a building’s roofing system. They are mounted throughout a roof edge and are components of a roof’s gutter system, providing a secure anchor for eaves. Fascia boards are horizontal parts of the eaves that protect the rafters and exposed trusses. They also connect the roofline to a building’s exterior wall.

Fascia boards and soffits give your home a finished look. Beyond adding to a home’s curb appeal, fascia has many different purposes. This is why Woodbridge Home Solutions installs high-quality vinyl fascia and soffit boards. When you partner with us, you can expect world-class fascia installation and a hassle-free process. Schedule an appointment for free to protect your home and receive a no-obligation estimate today.

Read on as we explore fascia boards, the materials they are made of, why they are essential, and how to maintain them.


Why is Fascia So Important?

Fascia boards are accompaniments to soffit—both are eaves and roofing system components. They help keep the roof and home’s exterior in good condition. A properly installed fascia board should be water and weather-resistant. The following are reasons why fascia is important:

Deters pest infestations: One of several ways pests enter a home is via a poorly secured roofline. A well-installed fascia and soffit deter unwanted birds, rodents, and insects like termites, ants, wasps, and hornets.

Protection against weather conditions: When you have a robust fascia board, you safeguard your home from the elements. Snow, sleet, rain, and other weather conditions can cause moisture damage. The consequences of water damage include a leaky roof, rot, and mold.

Enhanced energy efficiency: The internal temperature is well-regulated when you have a well-built fascia and soffit. This means that your HVAC will work optimally, keeping your energy costs affordable.

Optimal attic ventilation: If your attic has a musky odor, it’s probably because of bad ventilation and moisture buildup. To avoid this, partner with us to install high-quality soffit and fascia materials.

Curb appeal: When your roofline has a neat, well-maintained trim, it adds aesthetic value to your house. Nothing brings down the value of a home more than a shabby-looking roof.

Woodbridge Home Solutions is your trusted home improvement partner. For decades, we have been helping homeowners like yourself protect their assets. Your home is your haven and should be protected for peace of mind. This is why we install durable, water-resistant vinyl fascia that requires minimal upkeep. Contact us today to get started on extending your roof’s lifespan.


Types of Fascia Materials

Roof fascia is available in various trims, colors, and materials. Vinyl fascia is a popular choice among builders and homeowners because of its durability and affordability. 

Fascia materials include:

  • Vinyl fascia: In recent decades, vinyl-based fascia has become popular mainly because of its durability and low maintenance. It’s dent-proof, deters pests, and doesn’t rot because it’s moisture-proof. Vinyl fascia boards typically outlast other types of materials.
  • Fiber cement fascia trim: This is one of the most expensive and durable roofing materials for fascia. It’s a composite material that includes wood fiber and cement. Some homeowners like the look of composite fascia boards with wood grain.
  • Wood fascia: This fascia type gives your home a traditional look. Because it has a wood base, wooden fascia boards must be regularly sealed or painted to deter wood rot. Birds are prone to pecking these types of fascia boards.
  • Aluminum fascia: Gutters or eaves made of aluminum are typically easier to maintain but have limited color options. Aluminum fascia also tend to scratch or dent more easily than others.
  • PVC fascia boards: PVC is a type of vinyl used in many roofing components, including fascia. It is weather-resistant and deters pests.


When Should You Update Your Fascia Board?

To protect your home’s value and avoid costly repairs, keep an eye on your roof’s trim. If you notice your wooden fascia or gutter system is beginning to chip, warp, or show signs of rot, it’s time for an updated trim. As mentioned above, moisture can seep through your roof’s rafters, drip edge, and trusses, leading to rot and a rundown appearance.

After identifying that your roof’s overhang needs an update, it’s time to find the right partner for your fascia installation. For your peace of mind, why not partner with Woodbridge Home Solutions? Our team of friendly craftsmen takes pride in their work and will guide you through the hassle-free process. Our customers trust us to do a great job, and we never disappoint.

Woodbridge’s high-quality products come with unparalleled, industry-leading warranties. We offer product warranties and labor warranties on all our installations. Get in touch today to safeguard your home.

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