fascia and soffit replacement

Unless you have experience in the construction or roofing industry or are naturally curious about your home’s exterior, you may not know where to begin on a fascia and soffit replacement. In fact, you may have had to do some research, so you could contact a company to help you with noticeable repairs that you need around the top edge of your home.

Are you unsure of the difference between a soffit and fascia? Go outside and stand facing your home. As you look up, you will see the underside of the eaves of your roof. This is your soffit. The wide part of your soffit is horizontal to the ground.

If you step back from your home, you will see a vertical band at the roof’s edge. This is the fascia. The wide part of the fascia is perpendicular to the ground.

Purpose of the fascia and soffit

You might not be overwhelmed with excitement after discovering where to find your home’s soffit and fascia. As far as architectural elements go, they seem to do little to add beauty to your house. However, these unassuming features, when damaged, become an immediate eyesore. But you may not notice them when they look good and serve their intended purposes.

That’s right. Soffits and fascia have a purpose in the construction of the home. Besides adding to your home’s curb appeal, both soffits and fascias protect your roofing. Additionally, they assist with the ventilation of the attic and help secure your gutters.

How do you know you need fascia and soffit replacement?

How do you know if you need to replace or repair your home’s soffit and fascia? It may be evident at a glance. You may look at your soffit and fascia, and notice chipped paint or wood rot. You may also notice the soffit and fascia board cracking, warping, or deteriorating. If you live in an area where squirrels are abundant, you may have noticed the damage that the cute little creatures can cause to your home’s trim.

While these cosmetic issues may be enough to encourage you to hire a contractor for soffit and fascia replacement, don’t overlook the purpose of these trim pieces. A non-functioning soffit vent may affect your home’s temperature and cause an increase in your heating and cooling bill. These damaged areas may also indicate a roof leak, leading to an expensive roof replacement.

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