Soffits are crucial to your home, not just for aesthetic reasons but for their functional benefits too. In this post, roof and siding installation expert Woodbridge Home Exteriors explains the role of soffits. We also share some tips on how to properly maintain these components.

What Are the Soffits?

Soffits may appear like a minor detail in your home’s exterior design. However, these actually serve the important role of protecting the rafter beams against the elements. They also help prevent mold growth and rotting, which could potentially affect the performance of your roof.

There are two popular types of soffits: aluminum and vinyl.

  • Aluminum – It’s best known for being malleable, so it can fit different spaces. Much like aluminum windows, this type of soffit is also quite strong and durable; it does not crack or chip. Furthermore, it’s low-maintenance since it does not attract too much dirt.
  • Vinyl – This type of soffit is also durable and easy to maintain. However, it can become brittle and discolored due to constant exposure to sunlight. Typically, vinyl soffits cost less than aluminum soffits.

How Are Soffits Maintained?

To ensure that your soffits remain in good condition, they should be properly sealed and caulked. You should also consider inspecting them for mildew and cleaning them up. Generally, a soft brush and a bleach-and-water solution are enough to do the trick.

Be mindful of your gutters as well. Ensure that there are no leaves and debris clogging them up so that water can drain efficiently. Any issues or damage to your gutters can have an impact on your soffits and roofing.

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