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What Is a Double-Hung Window?

Double-hung windows are typically vertical windows with two distinct, operable sashes: an upper sash and a lower sash. The sashes can be tilted inward, making cleaning a hassle-free activity. The tilt feature is why double-hung windows are usually the default for a home or building’s upper floors.

Double-hung windows are among the most popular for new construction and home window replacement. There is a reason for this: double-hung windows are versatile and highly energy-efficient. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we provide all types of double-hung window designs to suit the aesthetic of your home and save you money in the long run.

As a Dallas-Fort Worth homeowner, we recognize that keeping energy bills down is a top priority. This is why we only install made-in-Texas triple-pane energy-efficient windows with high functionality and versatility to suit your household. If you’re thinking of increasing your home’s curb appeal while bringing down energy costs, why don’t you contact us today to get the beautiful new windows your home deserves?

Why are Double-Hung Windows Popular?

Double-hung windows are more popular than single-hung windows or other types of windows for several reasons, including their evident energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about the vast benefits of double-hung windows.

Double-Hung Windows Offer Maximum Circulation

Double-hung windows get their name from their prominent feature—two operable sashes. This window style offers homeowners maximal air circulation when needed. You can periodically open the top and bottom parts of the window frame, letting in fresh air and getting rid of musty or unwanted odors. Double-hung windows let in more fresh air than single-hung windows, which typically have one operable sash. This helps you ventilate your home with even greater ease.

Double-Hung Windows Are Easier To Maintain

Dingy, unkempt windows can bring down a home’s overall aesthetic. As a homeowner, you want to maintain the beauty and style of your home while you enjoy living there. You may also be wondering how to make your property more appealing to buyers in the future. Having well-installed, easy-to-clean windows is a step in the right direction.

Since you can tilt in the top and bottom sashes of double-hung windows, you can easily apply cleaning solutions and wipe them while standing indoors. These windows spare you the hassle or risk of getting on a ladder to clean them. Their easy-to-clean feature is why many homeowners install double-hung windows on higher floors.

To ensure that your double-hung windows are correctly installed, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today for a free quote. We will leverage our decades-long expertise to provide the best replacement windows to increase your home’s beauty and value.

Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

As their name implies, single-hung windows typically have one moveable bottom sash. You open them by pushing the bottom sash up, partially obstructing the view from the top sash (which is static). Unlike double-hung windows, single-hung windows don’t have the tilt-in option, making them less flexible.

A reason why a lot of homeowners install single-hung windows is that they are sometimes more affordable than double-hung windows.

The Pros and Cons of A Double-Hung Window


  • Their tilt-in sashes make them easy to clean from inside your home
  • They let in more natural light than some other windows
  • They offer superior ventilation and airflow
  • They come in a large variety of styles
  • They improve the visuals of a home


  • They have more moving parts than single-hung windows
  • They can be more expensive than single-hung windows
  • If improperly maintained or sealed, they can let in unwanted hot air

The Pros and Cons of Single-Hung Windows


  • They have fewer moving parts and materials, making them more affordable
  • They are more secure because they have one movable sash that requires locking
  • They are easier to install than double-hung windows
  • They are less expensive to install


  • Single-hung windows provide less ventilation than double-hung windows because they have one operable sash
  • They don’t have the tilt capability, so cleaning them is more challenging than cleaning double-hung windows.
  • Since they are hard to clean properly, they are not ideal for upper floors.

The Woodbridge Home Solutions Assurance

Choosing the right window for your home can sometimes be challenging. We are here to take the stress out of your home improvement project. Woodbridge Home Solutions is your partner in window installation. When it’s time for new windows, our dedicated and experienced design team will guide you through a stress-free window installation that suits your preferences.

We offer other types of windows besides double-hung windows, including casement windows, picture windows, and more. You don’t have to go with the popular choice; what matters is what you desire for your home design.

Our warranty options are competitive, and we provide our customers with world-class customer service. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your window replacement project today.

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