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Specialty Windows

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Specialty windows and custom window shapes make Woodbridge windows & doors the perfect fit for a custom space in any home. Elevate the aesthetic of your home by selecting from our wide variety of specialty window styles in unique shapes. Transoms and sidelites, awning, archtops, polygons, and basement windows are just some of the specialty window styles available at Woodbridge Home Solutions.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your interior space or gain a clear view through your patio doors, our windows & doors experts at any locally owned Woodbridge Home Solutions location can assist you during a free consultation. 

What are Specialty Windows?

Specialty windows are windows that are an uncommon shape, rather than square or rectangular. They stand in contrast to more standard window styles such as double-hung windows or casement windows.

Homeowners may choose specialty windows to add a unique look to their home. Windows with custom shapes elevate a home’s curb appeal and provide a focal point in the home’s design. 


Why Choose Woodbridge Windows?

At Woodbridge, we offer high-quality vinyl windows made locally in Texas. Our replacement windows are engineered to be energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and durable. 

Windows from our new exclusive Tru-Guard product line are ENERGY star-qualified. They meet the US Department of Energy’s standard for energy efficiency. Our high-performance windows lower energy output, improve insulation and protect the home’s interior from sun damage. 

When buying new windows, you can feel secure in choosing Woodbridge Home Solutions products backed by warranty. The Woodbridge Classic Lifetime Manufacturer’s Transferable Warranty comprehensively covers glass breakage and 5 years of labor. 


Specialty Window Options

Whether you are considering angles, curves, or arches, Woodbridge Home Solutions has a wide selection of specialty window design options. Custom-shaped panes can be used in many areas, like living rooms, when you want to add a unique flair to your home. Several custom window types are currently available at Woodbridge Home Solutions.

Transoms and Sidelites

Transoms are windows above an entry door, while sidelites are windows placed on the adjacent sides of an entry door. Transoms and sidelites are great ways to illuminate an entrance. They do so without compromising privacy and security. 

These windows frame the front door, expand the entryway, and increase curb appeal. Various design and pattern combinations can be utilized to add an architectural flair to your home.


Awnings are a hinged window type that swing open. Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing open at the bottom.

This window type improves ventilation and maximizes natural light, so homeowners may choose to utilize it in their restrooms or kitchens. Awnings are great for rainy environments, as the panels open outward from the top and allow rain to slide away from the home.

Awnings are designed with airtight closure seals, which make them especially energy efficient. Woodbridge Home Solutions’ Low-E vinyl glass further enhances these energy-saving features.


Polygon windows have a pane with at least three straight lines and angles. These windows may be a triangle, octagon, or hexagonal shape. Each distinct figure adds character and curb appeal to the home. The many varieties of polygon windows allow homeowners to freely express their creativity in designing their home’s aesthetic. 

When choosing polygon windows, you may place them in an attic as an attractive focal point. Polygon shapes also work well when used in a wall of windows alongside picture windows or other designs. 

Basement Windows

Woodbridge Home Solutions installs basement or egress windows. This type of specialty window is engineered to be an emergency exit. Egress windows are installed according to building code safety standards and provide an adequate emergency exit. In addition to practicality, egress windows allow more fresh air and natural light into a basement. 

While hopper windows are also used in basements, egress windows are designed with safety in mind. We recommend egress windows for finished basements with living spaces.

Learn More About Specialty Windows Today!

Homeowners can further customize specialty-shaped windows with interior and exterior colors and grids. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we believe homeowners set the terms in the design of their homes. We are proud to sell custom vinyl windows in the DFW area. 

To learn more about our selection of specialty windows available in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today for a free in-home estimate.

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