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Composite Siding

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A home’s exterior offers passersby, visitors, or potential home buyers a property’s first impression. Beyond curb appeal, the exterior provides protection and significantly impacts property value. Siding or cladding adds an extra layer of protection from weather conditions and reflects a homeowner’s style and aesthetic. Composite siding is one of the many types of siding available in the home improvement marketplace.

Although natural wood and metal sidings like aluminum siding are the traditional options, they are less durable, develop issues over time, and can be expensive to maintain. 

Composite siding has risen in popularity over the past few decades. Is it the best option for your home? Read on to learn about composite siding.

What Is Composite Siding Made Of?

Composite siding is traditionally made with wood fibers and other siding materials. Wood-based composite materials for siding are made by compressing wood fiber or wood strands with resin. Other composite siding options that do not include wood are also available. Several composite sidings are purely cement-based, while others are a mix of wood fibers, cement, and other materials.

Composites made of fiber and cement are usually called “fiber cement” or “fiber cement siding” when used on a home’s main exterior. Composites made by combining wood and plastic are known as wood-plastic composites (WPCs). These emerged in the 1990s and rose in popularity because they are considered eco-friendly.

Composite Siding vs. Composite Cladding

Home siding and cladding both cover a home’s exterior, but they are not the same thing. Both composite siding and composite cladding are installed on a home’s exterior to protect a house from the elements, but they have some fundamental differences:

  • Siding is applied directly to the exterior wall, close enough to protect the house. 
  • Cladding is installed on top of an insulated wall assembly, allowing for a drainage space between the cladding and the main wall. Cladding is thicker than siding and that also helps with insulating and protecting a home from the weather.

Traditionally, a cladding system consists of the following:

  • Exterior sheathing
  • Ventilated drainage plane
  • Water-resistant barrier

At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we provide different options and color palettes that beautifully complement your home. One of the products we use is ASCEND® Composite Cladding. This innovative lightweight cladding looks like wood, is moisture-resistant, has strong insulating properties, and protects your home from strong weather conditions as well as fire.

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The Woodbridge Guarantee

As a homeowner, you want to maintain your home’s external appearance, which can sometimes get overwhelming. Plus, with so many siding options, picking the right choice for your home may be challenging. Here at Woodbridge Home Solutions, we’ll help you troubleshoot any concerns. 

At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we also offer energy-efficient insulated vinyl siding. This siding provides durable, stylish, and low-maintenance protection for your home. Its foam interior insulates your home, reducing energy costs. 

We are proud of our building products and siding installation, so when you decide to do a siding project with us, you get a labor and product warranty. Protect your home today with new siding. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable siding experts today. Our siding pros will guide you through the entire process with ease.

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