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Who doesn’t enjoy having fresh air in their house? If you have creaky windows, you may forgo fresh air to avoid the annoying squeaking sound you hear when opening your window. Here are the common reasons for squeaky window syndrome and some ideas on how to fix it.

Do You Have a Squeaky House Window? Here Are Some of the Probable Causes

You may not even notice that you have squeaky windows unless you are a new parent trying to get a child to take a long nap. If you are trying to keep your house as quiet as possible, the squeaky sound you hear when your window slides open may sound like a train whistle or fire alarm.

Here are some common reasons for squeaking windows.


Over time, dust and other residue may build up along the window track, window frame, or hinges. It’s hard to imagine, but the squeaking sound could be from dust particles grinding against the mechanisms – making it difficult for the window to operate smoothly.


Rust build-up can also cause a squeaking noise. However, you may not be able to see the rust because it is inside the window frame. 

Broken parts

When a sliding window doesn’t slide, it could be caused by dust or rust. However, that horrible window squeak could also be caused by broken or corroded window wheels, screws or hinges.

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How to Fix Creaky Windows in Your Home

Tired of the annoying sound emanating from your window every time you try to open it? If it’s become a significant problem, here are some ideas on how to fix a squeaky window.

Step 1: Clean the window tracks. 

The first step in the process is to use the hose attachment on the vacuum to remove any loose dirt and debris along the window track. Then, use a moist, soft cloth to clean the surfaces. Wipe the surface dry. 

Step 2: Lubricate the window frame. 

Use a dry lubricant to reduce friction while repelling dirt, dust, and grime. Open the creaky windows completely and spray the lubricant along the window track. Close the window and spray the lubricant along the upper sash track. Open and close the window. Hopefully, the squeaky house window will be fixed.

Step 3: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on removing the window. 

If your window no longer squeaks after completing the first two steps, you can return to watching football. However, it may be time for some new wheels if it’s still squeaking. So, remove the window from its frame. This takes a careful touch, as you don’t want to break the glass in the process. 

Step 4: Examine and fix the wheels. 

Inspect for broken parts or rust. Change the old wheels if they are damaged. Use wire wool (or steel wool) to remove any rust.

Is it Time for Replacement Windows?

Maybe your squeaky windows are trying to tell you something. Instead of fixing the window, it may be time for a window replacement project.

Woodbridge Home Solutions offers high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows, and we are happy to take a closer look at your current windows and give you a free estimate. 

Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today. We serve homeowners in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 

Key Takeaways on How to Fix a Squeaky Window

  • Clean and lubricate the window tracks.
  • Remove the window and inspect the wheels for signs of damage or rust. 
  • Replace the wheels if necessary.
  • Consider buying new, energy-efficient replacement windows.
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