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Some homeowners buy replacement windows and doors to make their homes more energy-efficient. Others replace their front door and windows because they want to improve their home’s security. Still, others update their existing front door and windows because they are getting ready to sell and want to increase their property value.

While these are all valid reasons for replacing your entry door and windows, let’s not overlook another good reason homeowners would purchase a new front door and window – maybe they just want a prettier entryway to welcome their guests.

You’ve already tried new paint and door hardware and decorated the surrounding walls. Maybe you’ve already tried new window treatments to try to mask your aging windows. But if your exterior doors and windows do little to project the contemporary feel that you are seeking, ask yourself the following questions.

What type of material should I use for my front door?

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There are three main types of doors:

Wood doors are classic. While wooden doors are sometimes more expensive than other options, everyone loves the rich look that a wood door offers.

Fiberglass doors can mimic the look of a wood door and are also considered a low-maintenance choice. A fiberglass door is often more affordable than wood and comes in a variety of styles.

Steel doors are best if you are looking for the added protection of a solid door. Steel doors are incredibly strong, making them one of the more popular door materials.

What front door style best suits my home?

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Once you have considered the pros and cons of the different materials used for front doors, it’s time to consider door styles and sizes.

Consider the style of your home. From a design perspective, a door must match the style. For example, do you have a craftsman home, or is it a traditional colonial? Perhaps you are seeking entry doors for a contemporary-style home.

Whether you are looking for French doors for a period property or timber doors for your home in the woods, most designers would encourage you to find a door design that matches your home style. After all, front doors are a home’s focal point.

What front door features are important to you?

Narrowing the choice for your new door by the material and style is a great starting point, but there are still other design features that are a matter of personal preference.

For example, is one of your goals to let in more natural light? Then, you can narrow down your choices to those with larger glass panes. Perhaps you are looking for one with ornate detailing to compliment your front garden. 

Many front doors also have surrounding windows to give an entryway more natural light. In fact, many times homeowners purchase doors and windows simultaneously. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding replacement windows.

What type of windows would look best in my home?

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Some homeowners know they need new doors and windows in their homes, but they may not consider how the look of their home could improve if they altered the window and door designs.

However, if you are going through the time and expense to purchase new exterior doors and replacement windows, you might as well select a design that improves your home’s curb appeal. 

Use a project visualizer to see what your home would look like with these types of windows:

You may already have double hung windows, sliding windows, or casement windows in your home, But what would your home look like if you installed one of these custom window shapes or specialty window designs? 

Transoms and Sidelites will turn your front door into an impressive focal point. You’ll love how your new door and windows will fill your entryway with natural light.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows will give you better exterior views, more natural light, and when combined with a new door, a completely new look on the front of your home. 

Archtops and Polygon Windows are other specialty windows that could add an interesting architectural feature to your home. 

New windows and doors could make a dramatic difference in the look of your home. 

What other window features are important to you?

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Are you looking for replacement windows that allow you to get more fresh air in certain rooms of your house? Perhaps you are proud of your front garden and would like to have a less obstructed view of your lawn. Maybe you have recently acquired the love of house plants, and you want added space near natural light from a new bay window. Perhaps you seek the clean lines from modern windows and doors that will give your home a more cohesive look.

Are there benefits to replacing doors and windows at the same time?

There are several benefits to replacing your home’s windows and doors simultaneously. 

First, your project might require altering the structure of your home. At times, this might require a permit. If you are going through the trouble of getting a permit, you might as well replace the door and windows at the same time. 

Second, buying energy-efficient windows but keeping your same old leaky door will do little to improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Next, home improvement projects cause an unavoidable disruption in your home. Completing both tasks at once means getting your house back to normal faster. 

Finally, there might be some financial benefits to replacing your door and windows simultaneously. Talk with your contractor to see if they offer better financing or a discount when purchasing a new window and door. 

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