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If you are looking for quality window treatment in Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. We offer high-quality replacement windows at affordable prices. You’ll be amazed at what a difference new windows can make on the looks of your home. 

In fact, installing new windows may cause you to reconsider one design element of your home – your window treatments. 

We would like you to reconsider the purpose of window treatments in your home by offering this window treatment guide. 

What is the Purpose of Window Treatments?

There are four central purposes for window treatments. While they can certainly add to the room’s decor, we would like to suggest that sometimes window treatments aren’t needed. In fact, installing beautiful, energy-efficient windows may cause you to rip down those shades and repurpose those drapes. 

Window Treatments Decor

home decor window treatment

Curtains and window treatments can undoubtedly enhance the beauty of a room. The curtain window fabrics that you choose can set the mood of the room. Colorful window coverings can perk up a drab space, while neutral curtain treatments give the room a cozy feel. 

Consult with a reputable interior design team if you need assistance choosing curtains for awning windows or blinds for double-hung windows. They can give you ideas on how to modernize your window treatment so that you can enhance the beauty of your space.

Window Treatments Filter Light

light blocking window treatment

Another purpose of window treatments is that window shades and curtains are often installed to filter harsh sunlight. While we understand why you would like to filter light in a bedroom or a space with a large TV, you may reconsider filtering the light that comes into your windows in the other rooms of your house. After all, who doesn’t like a bright, sunny room?

If you recently replaced sliding windows with triple-paned, high-performance windows, you will enjoy many energy-saving features that help to minimize heat transfer. This means you can enjoy a sunshine-filled room without having to put stress on your aging HVAC system. 

So, if you purchase energy-efficient replacement windows, you might not need to buy window treatment panels to filter the sunshine out of the room.

Window Treatments Provide Privacy

Another practical purpose of window treatments for wood-framed windows is to provide privacy from curious neighbors and passersby. 

If you are installing new windows in a space where privacy is needed, discuss the available options with your window design specialist. Our team can help you choose the right window replacement product that offers security and privacy. 

Window Treatments Create an Additional Barrier Against the Weather

If you find yourself using drapes window treatments to help block the breeze coming in from around your windows, it’s time to contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. While window treatments such as curtains can undoubtedly be used to beautify your space, they should never be needed as an additional barrier against the weather.

Upgrade Your Home’s Window Treatments

Unless you use window fixtures and treatments to beautify your space or block out the light so you get a better night’s sleep, it’s time to get rid of your old window treatments. Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions to purchase beautiful, energy-efficient replacement windows and light-blocking window treatments.