daylighting windows

One of the biggest challenges of using energy-efficient windows is finding a material that can effectively insulate your interiors without sacrificing any daylighting efforts you may have in place. Daylighting is the process of maximizing the amount of natural sunlight in a home or workplace to reduce energy costs in electric lighting and promote a healthier environment.

Windows play a key role in any daylighting plan. Unfortunately, striking a balance between solar heat gain and daylighting can be a difficult task. Let our experts at Woodbridge Home Solutions give you a few tips on how to incorporate daylighting in your home with the use of the right windows.

Choosing Materials

While the glass panes are typically the main focus for many homeowners, the frame can also be equally important. For example, vinyl windows have high insulation ratings which can contribute somewhat to reducing heat gain to compensate for lower-rated panes. Finding the right materials is all about experience so don’t hesitate to consult with your contractor about how to choose the ideal combination of materials to meet your daylighting goals.

More Isn’t Always Better

A common mistake in using natural light in homes is getting too much of it. For most people, diffused sunlight is better at adequately illuminating a room without risking getting glares, hot spots, and sharp shadow lines. The size of the glass panels can dictate how much sunlight gets into your home. Choose windows with enough glass area to allow only the right amount of light.

Glazing Options

Many modern replacement windows often come with glazing that can further control how much light is integrated into your interiors. Explore different glazing options with your window contractor especially when replacing east-facing windows in your home.

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