windows and natural light

Ample natural lighting is perhaps the best reason to get the biggest windows you can get for your home. Replacement window and vinyl siding contractor Woodbridge Home Solutions shares tips on how to get the most out of natural lighting from your windows.

Soften the Light

There are certain conditions where natural lighting isn’t ideal. You may need to soften it with window treatments when it’s casting a glare on your television or computer screen or when it’s getting in your eyes when sitting in your favorite spot.

White curtains can soften the light without darkening the room and work with nearly every color palette. You can experiment with other colors and materials if white curtains don’t work with the rest of the decor.

Grow Window Plants

The ample amounts of sunlight are perfect for growing sunlight-hungry potted plants. Succulents such as aloe vera and cacti are the best for this purpose, as they also help control the room’s humidity by absorbing the moisture in the air.

natural light windows

You can grow cooking herbs such as basil and mint for kitchens, which require almost constant sunlight. If you have to hang the pots from the top, window and siding companies like ours recommend drilling into the drywall instead of the window frame.

Set Your Breakfast Nook or Home Office Against the Window

There’s no reason not to enjoy a nice view while working or having breakfast with your family. Set your office desk or breakfast counter facing the window and see the difference it makes.

For old-fashioned home offices—as in no computer screens where the sunlight may cast a glare—you should have the desk positioned, so you sit facing away from the windows. Either way, you won’t have to use as much indoor lighting, which can reduce eye stress.

Paint the Walls Dark

If you’re not into the popular all-white color scheme, consider going the other way and painting the walls dark. Set against light-colored window frames and lots of sunshine coming through, the dark wall creates contrast and softens what would otherwise be an overly bright room. 

Painting the walls a darker shade also gives you more latitude on your room’s color palette selection. Interested in remodeling your home for improved natural lighting? Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions for professional window and siding replacement services