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Low outside temperatures result in the formation of water droplets on the window glass surface. Also known as condensation, it is caused by warm and moist air getting into contact with any cold surface. It is one of the many concerns homeowners face whenever the cold months arrive. Then again, this occurrence also happens during the summer.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the top local windows and siding companies, discuss the best ways window condensation can be prevented.

Condensation at a Glance

Window condensation forms when there is a great difference between the inside and outside temperature. It occurs in both hot and cold weather, but the difference lies in which part of the glass this happens.

During the summer, condensation appears on the window exterior. The problem is mostly visual, which means there is no risk of damage to the windows or for your health. During fall or winter, however, condensation appears on the interior. The opposite effect occurs when it happens, often resulting in moisture problems that can destroy indoor fixtures.

Solving the Problem

Condensation on windows can be prevented by first determining the humidity conditions in the home. Humidity levels must be kept at a minimum, especially during the winter. Then again, investing in replacement windows with energy-efficient features would help solve the problem.

Consider switching to double-pane windows, especially if your existing ones are single-paned. These have insulated glass units (IGU) that can help prevent condensation. They must have additional argon or krypton gas fill to reduce convection between the panels.

Turn to Woodbridge Home Exteriors for your window replacement needs. Our high-performance windows are made of vinyl material and have three panes of glass, helping to minimize heat transfer and keep your home energy-efficient and comfortable.

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