Double-pane windows are made up of two separate panes of glass, filled with either gas or air in the middle for added insulation. They won’t only increase your home’s curb appeal but also its energy efficiency. However, like other parts of your home, they should be regularly maintained to prevent damage and keep them efficient.

A common issue with these windows is discoloration. Find out what causes this problem before attempting to schedule a window glass replacement.

What Causes Double-Pane Window Discoloration?

Window discoloration usually occurs due to excessive moisture or humidity indoors. Relative humidity refers to how much moisture is produced indoors and the rate at which your home can replace humid air inside with dry, fresh air. Increased moisture levels can result in window discoloration, mold, rot and other problems.

Another reason moisture is entering your windows is due to poor caulking seal. Check if the caulk in your windows is intact. Windows with missing caulking strips or hard caulking are more likely to experience moisture-related issues.

How to Address this Problem

While it’s possible only to replace the glass and leave the frame in place, this route is not as cost-effective as a complete window replacement. It would be better to get new quality vinyl replacement windows. You can add a discoloration-resistant film to prevent future moisture-related problems with new windows.

The best way to prevent double-pane window discoloration for good is to address what’s causing excess moisture in your home. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are clog-free and functioning properly. Check your basement for signs of moisture problems. It would also help to install a waterproof barrier in your foundation to prevent discoloration in windows and costly foundation repairs.

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