Drafty windows and front doors can make your home comfortable. Because of them, your HVAC system will need to work harder to cool or warm your interior, resulting in higher energy costs. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem and prevent it from recurring.

Find out what causes drafty windows and how to deal with them from one of the area’s best window and siding companies.

What Causes Drafty Windows?

Drafts usually occur in outdated, single-pane windows. In double or triple-pane windows, seal failure causes drafts. Once the seal is broken, the argon or krypton gas escapes, making the window inefficient. Window seals can break due to wear and tear, improper installation, poor handling, mold buildup and harsh elements.

Whether you’re getting new windows or vinyl siding, proper installation is essential. When your contractor doesn’t install your windows correctly, drafts will enter since the unit doesn’t fit properly in the opening. Keep in mind that DIY window installation often leads to early failure, so leave the job to a professional.

Long-Term Solutions

You can have window problems repaired or install a draft stopper, but the best solution to this problem is window replacement. Fixes like plastic window wrap, storm windows and draft stoppers can temporarily stop drafts. If you want to permanently get rid of drafts, the best route is getting new windows.

Invest in vinyl windows as they are energy-efficient, appealing, and easy to maintain. These windows are also highly resistant to damage and are available in a wide range of customization options. Make sure to choose windows with gas-filling and Low-E glass for optimal energy efficiency.

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