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It’s supposed to be a long, cold winter. So before the temperatures drop, learn how to winterize windows and doors in your home. But if you still feel air leaks, reach out to a trusted window and door replacement company.

How to Winterize Windows and Doors to Prevent Air Leaks

Your HVAC system gets a workout during extreme weather. Here’s how to prevent air leaks, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and make your house more comfortable.

Identify where cold air is entering your home.

Before completing your checks, ensure the door and window locks are working correctly. A properly functioning lock dramatically affects how well the window and door seal. 

Find your home’s drafty windows and drafty doors.

  • Close the exterior door and look for traces of sunlight passing through the door frame. 
  • Pass a lit candle or incense stick around the edges of your door or window on a windy day. Any leaks will cause the flame to flicker on the candle or the smoke to change direction on the incense. 
  • Run your damp hand over a door or window frame until you feel a cool breeze.

how to seal windows for winter

Seal the air leaks.

Did you detect air leaks? Here are tips on sealing windows and doors using products you can get from your local hardware store. 

  • Examine the exterior of your house – where your door or window meets the exterior siding. Pay close attention to the caulking at the lower corners of the window trim. Apply new caulking if you spot cracked, dry, broken, or brittle sealant. 
  • Apply weatherstripping around your doorframe. Replace the thresholds and door sweeps of your exterior doors.
  • Apply weatherstripping to your garage door to prevent cold drafts from entering under the door.
  • Insulate windows by attaching plastic film using double-sided tape. You can purchase kits for this project at your local hardware store.

Use other preventative measures to eliminate air leaks. 

You can use weather stripping (adhesive-backed foam) and new caulk for winterizing windows. However, here are some other measures to keep the warm air inside during the winter.

  • Place a draft guard at the bottom of your door where it meets the threshold to eliminate cold drafts. 
  • New window treatments can prevent heat loss. Use thermal curtains, which form another insulating layer during the cold winter.
  • Install interior storm windows if you have old windows with a single glass pane. 

How to Lower Your Energy Costs During the Winter

  • Make sure all of your windows and doors lock.
  • Identify the source of the air leak.
  • Apply new caulk or weatherstripping to problem areas.
  • Use insulating window treatments or draft guards to reduce air infiltration. 

Eliminate Drafty Windows in Your Home For Good

Instead of putting plastic over your window and gathering around space heaters to stay warm, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. Vinyl replacement windows are affordable and will lower energy use during the winter and summer. New windows will also make your home more comfortable and more secure.

Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today to schedule a free consultation with one of our door and window experts. 

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