Homeowners living near busy streets often suffer from loud traffic noises, which may affect their everyday living as well as their sleeping habits. If this is one of your problems at home, you might want to consider making use of upgrades or home renovations. Best solutions include purchasing more durable replacement windows or upgrading your siding system.

What to Choose

Different siding system offers different noise insulation levels. Similar to when you want a noise-reducing window at home, you may want to upgrade your vinyl windows to aluminum ones. Same with siding systems. You probably want a better siding system to avoid hearing loud noises at home.

One of the most recommended siding types to reduce noise is vinyl siding. Compared to other materials such as cement, brick, or aluminum, vinyl siding can block noise better, especially in 4,000Hz frequencies and below. In higher frequencies, however, it’s better to use organic materials such as stone and other similar materials.

You may also want to consider the thickness and weight of siding materials. The thicker and heavier the material, the better it is in thinning or dampening the noise outside the property. A composite siding system is highly recommended for this.

Beyond Siding

If you want a totally soundproof home, you might need more than just changing your siding system. You also have to consider installing energy-efficient windows and doors. You might need to add glass panes, etc. For outdoors, you can use trees to block noises. They can reduce up to 40% of outside noise, which can be a lot at night.

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