window framing materials

When it comes to windows, the framing material deserves a lot of respect. It determines the durability, contributes to the overall energy efficiency, and determines the amount of maintenance of the unit. The industry offers a variety of options, but they’re not all made equal.

Here are the most popular window framing materials:


Affordability isn’t the only reason vinyl replacement windows generate the highest demand across America. Their colors and woodgrain finishes go straight through, eliminating the need for re-painting over the long term. Made from polyvinyl chloride, they’re designed with UV stabilizers to inhibit discoloration no matter how intense the solar radiation can get. In addition to being excellent insulators, they’re impervious to moisture too.


Woodbridge Home Solutions confirms that wooden windows are still the most sought-after units. However, homeowners mostly love their appearance and not their need for periodic maintenance. They reduce heat transfer exceptionally too, but they’re prone to decay that ultimately compromises their structural integrity.


Any experienced window installer would agree that aluminum-framed units might have been close to perfection. They are sleek, rot- and mold-resistant, hard-wearing and low-maintenance. However, they’re inefficient by nature. They conduct a lot of heat, which is a major issue, considering today’s demanding energy efficiency standards.


Fiberglass windows are premium products. They resemble the look of genuine wood convincingly and insulate thermal energy too. Their biggest weakness is their need for high maintenance. They fade under sunlight and need regular painting to stay charming. While many manufacturers say fiberglass windows can increase home value, no credible figures exist yet to back this claim.

Woodbridge Home Solutions chose to offer replacement windows made with vinyl out of all materials. This framing solution provides the best trade-off among the winning qualities that constitute energy-efficient windows.

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