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There are a lot of different siding options. But, regardless of whether you have wood siding, fiber cement siding, brick siding, metal siding, or low-maintenance insulated vinyl siding – you will be able to find a design that suits your style.

Consider revamping the facade of your home with vinyl siding. 

Siding Style Options to Consider

If you want to improve your curb appeal – ask your siding company what you can do to update the look and character of your home. Vinyl siding can mimic another siding material, and installing vinyl siding may save you money while not compromising durability. 

Here are some siding style options to consider. 

Horizontal Lap Siding

You can’t go wrong with the classic horizontal lap siding. This timeless look is perfect for various architectural styles, including colonial, ranch, and Cape Cod. 

Vertical Siding

For a more modern aesthetic, ask about vertical boards or panels. This may only be an option for some types of siding. However, when used, it can be aesthetically pleasing. 

Board and Batten Siding

Do you dream of natural wood – but still want low-maintenance exterior siding? Ask about board and batten vinyl siding. This design comprises wide panels and narrow strips (the “batten”) over the seams.

You’ll find board and batten-style siding on modern farmhouses. 

Shiplap Siding

Shiplap siding is super popular and relatively easy to install horizontally or vertically. It is popular on coastal cottages and farmhouse interiors. 

Cedar Shake Siding

The look of cedar shakes can be replicated with vinyl to create a textured and rustic appearance. They are frequently seen on beachfront cottages and Cape Cod-style homes.

Scallop Siding

Are you looking for a more whimsical option? Scalloped siding panels with a wavy or scalloped edge add visual interest to Victorian homes and cottages. 

Fish Scale Siding

Another decorative and ornate option, fish scale siding, is popular on Victorian and Queen Anne-style homes. As is half-round or round siding, which is often used to highlight unique architectural features. 

Stucco Siding Patterns

You can achieve the look of stucco without all the material weaknesses with vinyl siding. Choose smooth or textured siding that looks like stucco for your Mediterranean or Spanish-style house. 

Mixed Materials Siding

Consider combining different siding materials. For example, add a touch of brick or stone veneer siding to your home’s exterior. Natural stone, brick, wood, or metal can add texture to a bland facade and can be used on many different styles of homes. 

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Talk With a Vinyl Siding Expert

Choosing the right siding style should align with the overall architectural style of your home and your personal aesthetic preferences. Additionally, consider factors like climate, maintenance, and budget when selecting a siding style for your property. 

Do you need help updating your home’s design? Schedule a free design consultation with Woodbridge Home Solutions. We offer beautiful insulated vinyl siding that will increase your energy efficiency. And unlike other materials – vinyl siding is a cost-effective solution. 

Key Takeaways About Low Maintenance Vinyl Siding

  • Just because you choose vinyl siding doesn’t mean your house has to look the same as everyone else’s. 
  • Ask your vinyl siding company about design options. 
  • You can purchase vinyl siding that mimics the look of other types of siding, such as stucco, wood, or cedar shake. 
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