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As a window replacement company, we get asked all the time, “Should I repair windows or replace them?” Here’s our advice on whether to search for window replacement parts – or checkout new window products. 

Reasons Why You Might Want to Consider Buying Window Replacement Parts

Should you repair or replace your windows? Here are examples of when you might want to fix your existing windows.

Broken glass

Cracked or broken glass can be fixed. However, if the frame is old, replacing the entire window might be worth it. Also, if you have single-pane windows, it’s definitely time to upgrade.

Broken window hardware

Some window hardware is easy to replace – if you can find the right window parts for the job. For example, a tilt window latch is inexpensive – as is a thermal guard lock. 

Signs It Might Be Time to Replace Your Windows

Before discussing home renovations, we would like to remind you about a rule that The Environmental Protection Agency passed in 2008 that requires anyone doing renovation work on residential facilities built before 1978 to reduce the dust generated when the paint is disturbed. This includes door and window replacement projects. If this describes your situation, you need to follow specific practices to protect yourself from exposure to lead. 

Replacing your old windows will eliminate any possible risk of lead paint poisoning. However, lead dust could still be disturbed during the renovation.

Here are some other signs it might be time to complete a window replacement project. 


Damaged insulating glass

If there’s dirt or a smudge between pieces of glass – or you notice condensation or cloudiness between the panes, this could be a sign that the seal holding the window sash into the frame has failed. This means that your window is less energy-efficient and should probably be replaced. 

Windows are drafty

Your windows may operate normally, and the glass may be intact. However, if your windows feel drafty, it’s a big sign that it’s time to find a window replacement company. The same holds true if you are unhappy with the look of your windows. 

What To Do If It’s Time For New Windows

If you are ready to upgrade your windows by purchasing triple-paned, energy-efficient vinyl windows, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. We proudly offer our exclusive Woodbridge Classic product line of energy-efficient windows carefully crafted in the USA. Our windows have many energy-saving features that help to minimize heat transfer, which in turn can keep the interior of your house at a comfortable temperature without your HVAC system having to work as hard. 

Please schedule a consultation with a team member today to learn more about our wide array of window products. 

Key Takeaways

  • Broken or cracked window glass can be easily repaired. 
  • You can also repair hardware on your windows _ as long as you can find the correct window replacement parts. 
  • If the glass is no longer sealed or your windows are drafty, it may be time for replacement windows.
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