how to remove window for cleaning

One of the benefits of double-hung windows is that they are super easy to clean. We’ll walk you through the steps on how to remove a window for cleaning and then offer general window-washing tips. 

How to Remove Window for Cleaning

Here’s how most double-hung windows tilt and how to remove the window for cleaning:

Step 1: Unlock the window. If the window doesn’t lock, note it so you can get it repaired. 

Step 2: Lift the lower sash by pushing up on its top window rail. Raise the window until it is about one-third of the way open. 

Step 3: Use both hands to open the tilt latches at the top of the sash. Carefully tilt the lower sash inside your room and rest it against the wall. 

Step 4: Release and pull down the top sash. You can leave the lower sash hanging against the wall while you complete this step. 

Step 5. Open the tilt latches at the top of the top sash and tilt the window inside – using both hands.

Other Cleaning Tips for Dirty Windows

Now that you know how most double-hung windows operate, here are some general guidelines for cleaning windows. 

Wash windows on an overcast day. 

It’s counterintuitive, but most cleaning strategists recommend washing windows on a still, cloudy day. Bright sunshine and wind will cause your cleaning solution to dry on the glass before it can work. You’ll see noticeable streaks if the solution dries on your window. 

Start the window-cleaning process by using the brush attachment on your vacuum.

Vacuum the dirt collected on the window sill using the brush attachment on your hose. This is the easiest way to clean windows and remove loose dirt and debris. Remember to vacuum your window screens.

Clean the window frame and sill. 

Once the loose dust is removed, use your favorite cleaning solution to wipe down your window frame and sill. 

double hung windows

Start with the exterior windows (top sash) when cleaning double-hung sliding windows.

Spray a generous amount of window cleaner. Then, make large circular movements with a clean microfiber cloth across the surface of the window. 

Some of you might have a favorite product to clean windows. However, others prefer a more natural cleaner made by mixing two to three tablespoons of white vinegar in a gallon of water. 

Once the outer upper glass is clean, repeat the process with the outer bottom sash. When the glass is clean, place both sashes back into position. Be careful only to touch the window frame and not the glass as you place your sliding window. 

Wash the interior glass. 

Start with the top sash when cleaning your interior windows. That way, any drips can be caught by the microfiber cloths when you finish with the interior bottom sash. 

Examine your windows as you clean them.

Before you clean the grime off your windows, open, close, and lock each window a few times to ensure proper operation. If there are any problems, consider window replacement or repair. You may have the cleanest windows, but they will only do you good if they keep out the bad guys or offer you an easy exit from your home in an emergency. 

Is It Time for New Windows? Call Woodbridge Home Solutions

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Key Takeaways About Preparing Your Double Hung Windows for Cleaning

  • Ensure you understand how to operate your type of double-hung window. 
  • Select an overcast, still day to clean windows.
  • Start by cleaning the window sill, screen, and frames.
  • Clean the exterior glass with your favorite cleaning solution and microfiber cloth. 
  • Clean the interior glass – starting with the top sash. 
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