Many homeowners use an old newspaper to clean windows. The paper and ink in it act as a light abrasive that helps remove smudges from the glass and dirt stuck on the frames. Sure, it is seen as an alternative, but nothing beats the use of tools to keep windows clean.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, your leading source of windows and exterior doors, shares the professional cleaning tools that you can use to wipe your windows clean.

Cotton Towel

Got some old, used bathroom towels? Once they’ve been washed and dried several times, they can be used for a wide range of purposes, including cleaning windows. A large one can be used as a drop cloth. A smaller hand towel is usually absorbent, which makes it a suitable detailing towel.

Chamois Towel

Also known as the shammy, this type of towel is often used in cleaning auto vehicles, particularly for drying and waxing after washing. Originally a type of porous leather from the skin of a mountain goat, chamois towels are now made from synthetic materials. They can also be used to clean your windows because of their capability to remove lint and leave your windows looking sparkling new.

Rubber Squeegee

When it comes to window cleaning, the squeegee is something you should have on your arsenal of cleaning tools. It has flat, smooth rubber blood that removes liquid on any flat surface like glass. After applying the soapy solution to break up dirt, the squeegee is then used to draw water-borne dirt off the glass, leaving you with a clean surface. Handheld ones are often used, with removable rubber for replacement.

Keeping your windows clean using any of these tools results in a beautiful, eye-pleasing home. However, if they are showing signs of irreparable damage, it would make sense to replace them entirely. For this project, turn to the window replacement pros of Woodbridge Home Exteriors. We are the leading exterior home improvement contractor in the area that also specializes in installing patio doors and siding.

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