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In the U.S., a home burglary happens every 25.7 seconds. Reduce the likelihood that you will be a victim by learning how to secure glass doors and windows. Here are some tips for securing your sliding glass door, front door, and windows.

Securing Glass Doors and Windows: What You Need to Know

  • The equipment and installation of security systems can be expensive.
  • Consider installing glass break detectors on your doors and windows.
  • Improve the security of sliding glass doors by installing a track lock.
  • Make sure your home windows can open, close, and lock.
  • Make it more challenging for intruders to kick in your door by reinforcing the door jamb.
  • Upgrade your doors and windows to reduce the likelihood of forced entry into your home. 

How to Secure Glass Windows and Doors in Your Home 

secure glass windows

Are you interested in how to make your home secure against would-be thieves? Of course, the most obvious advice is to ensure your doors remain securely locked when you aren’t home. You would probably be surprised to see the statistics of “break-ins” that happen when doors are left unlocked.

Assuming that you lock your front and sliding glass doors, here are some additional tips to reduce the likelihood that a burglar will gain access to your home.

Install security vibration sensors. 

Security vibration sensors can be installed on windows or door glass. They emit an alarm when the glass gets broken or forcefully pushed. You can install glass break sensors as stand-alone units or as a part of a home alarm system. 

Use a track lock on your sliding glass door. 

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Sliding doors are popular entry points for criminals. Unfortunately, most sliding glass doors are notorious for having loosely fitting latches, which can be jiggled loose. Instead, consider a loop-style sliding door lock or a sturdy track lock.

A track lock is a relatively easy option because this security bar feature requires no screwing or drilling. Also, the door can remain secure even when it is slightly opened. 

Make sure your windows are secured. 

Spend a Saturday morning analyzing the windows on your home. Can you open each window? Windows stuck in a closed position can be a safety risk as they would prevent you from being able to escape from your home in the event of a fire.

Of course, check each locking mechanism – especially for windows on the first floor of your home. 

how to secure glass windows and doors

If your windows are over a decade old, you probably have some that don’t function as they should. You can choose to hire a company to fix your home windows and upgrade your window locks.

Or, consider upgrading your window to one with triple-pane glass. Each layer of glass creates another physical barrier between the intruder and the interior of your home.

Improve your door frame.

Reinforce your door frame by adding a layer of steel over the door jamb and securing it with three-inch screws. Doing this will make your door kick-proof.

Upgrade your front door.

While most homeowners assume that criminals gain entry from backyard patio doors or windows, some gain access to your home by breaking in the front door. Make it more challenging for a would-be intruder by upgrading your front door to one with 20-gauge steel. 

In addition, ensure the new door comes with rigid composite lock blocks that reinforce a maximum-security deadbolt. And, of course, ensure your door is installed by someone who knows about home security. 

Learn More About Securing Glass Windows and Doors

You can do some things to secure sliding glass doors, front doors, and windows. However, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions if you are serious about home security. 

Our Dallas window replacement includes triple-paned glass, which will help minimize heat transfer and create an additional layer for potential intruders to get through before they gain access to your home’s interior. 

Additionally, our steel front doors come with high-end door locks and hard-to-break glass. Visit our website to learn more about our monthly specials and to schedule an in-home consultation. 

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