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Do you need help determining what tasks should be at the top of your home exterior repair list? Repair services offered by home improvement professionals are expensive. Therefore, you may need to prioritize the jobs you will complete this season. 

Exterior Home Repair: What You Need to Know

  • Some home exterior repairs are cosmetic, but others can cause structural problems if ignored.
  • New vinyl siding and windows offer an excellent return on investment.
  • Some remodeling companies offer discounts when you schedule multiple projects.

Common Exterior Home Repairs

You might want to tackle the jobs based on how much they cost. Others prioritize by focusing on repairs that will prevent problems from occurring. And some homeowners put off repair projects in anticipation of completing replacement projects

Here are our thoughts on common exterior home repair projects.


No one looks at a house and comments on how well the gutters perform. But, if your gutters aren’t functioning properly, you must put this at the top of your exterior home repairs list.

Gutters are a crucial part of your home drainage system. Ignoring how water drains from your property could lead to water getting into your home, a damaged foundation, and a structural integrity issue. So, gutter cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list each spring and fall. And if falling tree limbs damaged them and your gutters aren’t functioning as they should, you need to get them repaired.

Are you tired of writing “clean gutters” at the top of your to-do list? Invest in gutter guards!


Missing shingles are unsightly and may lead to water leaks and ceiling damage. Roof repairs are essential because a well-maintained roof lasts longer. (And if you’ve priced a roof replacement with asphalt shingles lately, you know that you can spend well over $12,000 on a roof replacement project.)

Hire insured home improvement professionals for roof repairs. Don’t try to replace broken shingles on your own. 

Vinyl Siding

siding repair

If you have high-quality vinyl siding, there’s little you need to do to the exterior of your home. Besides pressure washing the built-up dirt, there’s little you need to do if you have vinyl siding.

When you start to notice that you need siding repair and there is a curb appeal issue, it’s worth noting that whole house siding replacement projects have an excellent return on investment. The average homeowner recoups 67.2% of the cost of new siding when they sell their home. 

Your home will be more energy efficient when you install insulated vinyl siding. 

Exterior Paint

For those of you with wood siding, it might be time to paint your home’s exterior – again. Wood surfaces need to be painted every five to seven years

If you are new to homeownership, you may not know that there is more to an exterior paint project than applying two coats of paint. Your painter will most likely uncover damaged wood and dry rot, and those damaged boards need to be replaced. 

Repairing siding dry rot typically costs around $1,000 but can run up to $2,500 or more – depending on where the damage occurs. 

Windows and Doors

exterior door repair

Spend a weekend morning examining the windows and doors of your home. Do you see light coming through cracks? Can you feel a draft? Do they function as they should (open/close/lock)? 

Windows typically need to be replaced every twenty years, and they can completely change the look of the exterior and interior of your home. Plus – new vinyl windows have an excellent return on investment.

According to a government study, replacing old windows with Energy Star-certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide.

Miscellaneous Repairs and Projects

Fence installation (or maintenance) and repairing your driveway’s cracks are common exterior problems. However, you may feel like there’s always something to do – from power washing your outdoor furniture to removing debris from the latest storm. 

We recommend finding an excellent exterior remodeling company to help you with your complex projects. 

Many remodeling companies will offer discounts when you schedule multiple projects. 

Which Home Exterior Repair Project Will You Begin Next?

You might be overwhelmed by the costly repairs needed on your home. However, don’t put your head in the sand. Your home’s structural integrity can be at risk if you ignore some of these necessary projects.

Hire a Professional for Your Exterior Home Repairs

Woodbridge Home Solutions will help you get your house in good shape to sell or enjoy. We offer premium insulated vinyl siding, exterior doors, and replacement windows in Dallas, TX, and nearby cities. Woodbridge is also available for home remodeling in Kansas and Oklahoma.

When you work with Woodbridge, you can save money by scheduling multiple projects. The great news is that you won’t have to spend Saturdays working on your home’s exterior. Our affordable replacement windows and siding require very little maintenance!

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