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A patio door can make your space more attractive and allow more natural light indoors. It can also help with ventilation and improve energy efficiency. Two of the most popular styles of patio doors are French and sliding.

Styles of Patio Doors: French vs. Sliding

Both patio door styles have pros and cons depending on the style of your home. This guide will help you better understand the differences between sliding doors and French doors before committing to a purchase.

Sliding Patio Doors

glass sliding doors

Sliding patio doors are ideal for those who don’t have as much space at home. This door style is known for its versatility, easy operation, and cost-effectiveness. You can easily get in and out of your home with a sliding door because it opens sideways.

Sliding glass doors usually feature an expansive glass area, which is great if you need more lighting indoors. Natural light from new sliding glass doors can make a room appear larger and fresher and improve productivity. Sliding doors also provide better insulation and soundproofing, with fewer breaks in the frame.

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

  • Easier to operate than French doors
  • Perfect for narrow spaces
  • Sleek, modern look
  • Cost-effective option
  • More natural light indoors
  • Great for ventilation

double sliding patio doors

Disadvantages of Sliding Doors

  • Not as secure as French doors
  • Need regular maintenance
  • Not suitable for larger door openings
  • Requires sliding tracks for operation

Sliding doors are a great option if a more contemporary look is desired. These patio doors are a practical and cost-effective solution for those with limited space. Their sliding mechanism allows natural light to come in more efficiently, and they are easy to operate. 

French Patio Doors

french patio doors


French patio doors are a popular choice for many homeowners. This door style can evoke traditional and classic vibes, adding to your home’s interior and exterior design. They are usually composed of two sliding panels that open from the center, which allows for more ventilation when needed.

French patio doors are available in various colors, finishes, decorative glass options, hardware, and more. They are hinged like standard entry doors but can come in different door configurations. You get traditional side-by-side French doors or one with three doors in a row. Your options depend on how much space you have.

Benefits of French Patio Doors

  • The stunning, classic appearance
  • Secure and durable
  • Ideal for larger spaces
  • Easier to install than sliding doors
  • Various decorative glass options
  • Enhanced ventilation

patio french doors

Disadvantages of French Doors

  • More expensive than sliding doors
  • It can be difficult to operate
  • Not suitable for narrow spaces
  • Heavier and bulkier

French patio doors are a classic and timeless choice for your home. They provide an elegant, secure entryway to the outdoors while allowing ample ventilation. They also offer more decorative glass designs than sliding doors, making them a great choice for larger door openings.

Which Style is Best for Patio Doors?

Both types of patio doors are energy-efficient, secure, and durable. However, patio door replacement can involve high costs. You should choose a patio door style within your budget that complements your home’s architectural and interior design.

French doors are great for traditional homes, while sliding ones look well in contemporary homes. If you have the space at home, you can go for French doors but if you want to save space, choose sliding doors. A hinged patio door needs more room since they swing open. A sliding patio door takes up less space since they slide open on a track. 

french doors or sliding doors

Another factor to consider when choosing exterior doors is energy efficiency. It pays to invest in energy-efficient doors as they can help reduce your heating and cooling costs and protect your home from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Whether you choose sliding or French patio doors, carefully consider your door’s style and material to ensure it’s energy efficient and perfectly suited for your home. With just a little research and guidance, you can ensure your patio doors are the perfect fit for your home.

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