replacing entry door locks

Locks are essential to the security of your home. When your entry door’s locks are old and worn, you may need to replace them. You may also get new ones for added safety and privacy.

Before getting new entry door locks, a door and siding installation expert shares things you should keep in mind. 

Replacing Is Different from Rekeying

When getting new door locks, you could either replace or rekey them. While both result in not being able to use the old keys, they are quite different. When replacing existing door locks, the entire hardware would be removed, including the handle, before installing the new ones.

On the other hand, rekeying simply realigns the pins and springs in the inner mechanism of the lock to match the lock to a new key. 

Make Sure to Replace Damaged Locks

Constantly using the wrong key into a lock or simply locking and unlocking a door can cause the internal mechanism to wear over time. You can have the damaged lock rekeyed but the preexisting issues with the locking mechanism would remain.

The best solution for damaged locks to have the entire thing replaced. However, if your entry door is also aging, you may want to consider getting a new one. For quality door installation and siding repair services, you can count on Woodbridge Home Solutions. 

Invest in High-Quality Locks

Today’s locks feature technology that improves home security and makes it simpler. Some locks have keypads where you can punch security codes while others require your fingerprint. You can easily reset your passcode if needed. 

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