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If you’re new to buying replacement windows, you might be surprised by all the decisions you have to make. That’s why it’s helpful to work with an industry expert. They can explain your glass options and the difference between a single and a double-hung window. They can also advise you on available window grid styles and offer advice on which would look best for your home’s architectural style.

Here’s a brief overview of window grids. We’ll describe the different styles and explain how different patterns can change the aesthetic of your home.

What are window grids?

Window grids are partitions used to divide a glass pane into smaller sections.

Initially, window grids (also called grilles or muntins) served a purpose, as it was too hard to ship large window panes without breaking. So instead, glass panes were shipped in smaller, individual pieces, and the grilles held the panes in place. Window grids aren’t as necessary any longer, but the grid patterns add to a home’s interior and exterior aesthetic.

What window grid style is right for your home?

If you are buying a couple of replacement windows, you will probably stick with the same pattern as the remaining original windows. However, if you are replacing all your windows or are buying a single statement window, you will need to choose a grid pattern

Here are the main types.

Colonial Window Grids 

colonial grid windows

The colonial grid pattern is prevalent and traditional. The larger glass panes are divided into small squares or rectangles of the same size and shape. For example, colonial double-hung windows are often divided into six sections on both the top and bottom sash. 

Even though this style sounds like one used for an old colonial home in New England, this grid style is also used on contemporary homes. In fact, six-up, six-down colonial windows are frequently requested.

Prairie Window Grids 

Prairie grid windows

Imagine a glass pane unobstructed except for four lines running along the perimeter – intersecting at the corners. This type of perimeter grid is often called a prairie grid pattern. The benefit of prairie-style window grids is that it lets in the most natural light.

Diamond Window Grids

Diamond grid windows

The diamond grid pattern is often used for Tudor or Victorian homes. As the name implies, diamond grids divide panes of glass diagonally. This distinctive look can be used in any home style as an accent window – or any window you wish to serve as a focal point to your room.

Craftsman Window Grids

craftsman window grids

Craftsman homes sometimes only use four or six rectangular grids on the top sash — the bottom is unobstructed. 

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