window grids

Custom-made vinyl replacement windows allow you to give your home a revitalized look without doing away with your design and style preferences. In addition to your choice of frame color and type of glass, you have the option to include grids on your windows. These are strips of material that simulate smaller panes of glass. Available in different configurations, they help boost the windows’ visual appeal while matching your home’s architecture.


If you can’t decide on whether to add grids to your windows or not, you’re in luck. Read on as we discuss the things to consider when it comes to this custom window addition.

Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style can help you determine if adding grids to your windows is necessary. Check if it falls into one of two categories: traditional or contemporary. For instance, if you plan to install double hung replacement windows in your Colonial-style home, adding grids will make sense. Doing so allows you to achieve historical accuracy for a home that draws from centuries-old design. Windows without grids, however, lend a more modern look and would be a better fit in a contemporary home style.

Outdoor Views

Another thing to consider is the view of the outdoors. In some cases, grids can be an obstruction to an otherwise beautiful outdoor scenery as seen through your windows. However, that’d be dependent on where the windows are facing. For example, if you have a picture window and it frames a tree, landscape, or cityscape, you’d want to leave it gridless so you can have an uninterrupted view of that subject. Add grids if the windows are facing the street or the side of your neighbor’s home.

As the leading window company in the area, Woodbridge Home Exteriors offers our exclusive Woodbridge Classic line of high-performance replacement windows. Apart from their energy-saving features, they’re also available in various styles, from slider and casement windows to transoms and bay and bow windows. You also have the option to select the type of grid pattern you want to incorporate in your windows.

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