If it’s time to purchase replacement windows for your home, it’s best to do some homework before contacting your local window company for a consultation. If you know the basics of window styles and vocabulary, you may feel more confident in deciding.

Each configuration has distinct features that can suit various home designs, from classic to modern and single-story to two-story. Woodbridge Home Solutions is here to help you find the best new windows for your project. Let’s begin your window education by explaining window terminology and discussing the differences between single- vs. double-hung windows.

Single-Hung vs. Double-Hung Windows: FAQs

What Is the Key Difference Between a Single-Hung and a Double-Hung Window?

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The key difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is how each sash moves.

Picture a typical bedroom window with a top panel and a bottom panel. Each of these panels is called a sash. Single-hung windows have a fixed sash and a moveable sash. The bottom sash goes up or tilts in to let in the fresh air, while the top sash stays in place. In double-hung windows, the bottom and top sashes can go up and down and tilt in. 

Single-hung windows feature a basic design with fewer moving parts. They have a simplistic aesthetic that matches well with craftsman and classic homes. Single-hung windows are suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, and other first-floor areas. 

Double-hung windows are one of the most common window types. They are more mechanically complex with additional moveable components. Double-hung windows pair nicely with various home aesthetics but are especially attractive in Victorian and historic homes. They are great for living areas, bedrooms, and upper-level rooms. 


What Are the Cost Differences Between a Single- and Double-Hung Window?

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The cost differences between a single-hung window and a double-hung window depend on several factors –including the brand, materials, and size. But generally, single-hung windows are less expensive. This is because there are fewer moving parts, so it costs less to construct a single-hung window. 

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How to Choose Between Single or Double-Hung Windows

When it’s time for a window replacement, you can replace your original window with one that is a different window style. Besides the cost difference, here are other factors to consider when selecting your new window style.

Ease of Cleaning

Generally speaking, it’s easier to clean double-hung windows. Most of the time, both sashes of double-hung windows tilt inside. This versatility in the design means the homeowner would have access to both sides of the glass, making cleaning easier. Both panes can be cleaned from inside the home. 

The upper sash is stationary in single-hung windows. This means you must be outside for window cleaning, which may be difficult on the upper floors of a two-story house. However, it may matter less if you purchase them for first-floor rooms.

Air Flow

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Both window types can open adequately to let in cool air. However, you can simultaneously open both operable sashes with a double-hung version. This means that you can ventilate the hot air out of the house through the top, while the bottom sash allows for air circulation.

Double-hung windows have an added safety benefit: the lower sashes can be closed to prevent small children and pets from pushing against the screens. All the while, the upper sash can remain open to allow for better ventilation. 

Energy Efficiency

Comparing the energy efficiency of single- vs. double-hung windows may be tricky. After all, it depends on the brand, the frame material, and the installation. However, double-hung windows are generally less efficient than single-hung windows. This is because, with fewer moving parts, there is less opportunity for air to escape from the single-hung version

Other factors can improve the energy efficiency of either type of window. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, vinyl windows from our Woodbridge Classics line are insulated with a Low-E coating. They are wet-glazed with silicon for high thermal performance, thus lowering energy costs.

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