when to replace windows

You should replace your exterior windows every 15-20 years. However, this is a general recommendation. There’s a lot that goes into the decision on whether it is time for a window replacement, including 

  • the type and quality of the existing windows, 
  • how energy efficient your current windows are, and 
  • how well your current windows are functioning.

Is it time to replace your windows? Here are some red flags that it’s time to contact your local window replacement company.

Is it time to replace windows?

Here are some signs that your old windows may not be performing as they should.

Your windows have passed their life expectancy.

how long do windows last

Different types of windows have different life expectancies: 

  • Aluminum windows – 15 to 30 years, average 20
  • Double-Pane windows – 10 to 20 years, average 15
  • Fiberglass windows – 20 to 45 years, average 35
  • Skylight – 8 to 20 years, average 14
  • Vinyl windows – 20 to 40 years, average 30
  • Wood windows – 20 to 45 years, average 30

Of course, various factors may prolong or shorten a window’s life expectancy. For example, some brands outperform others, and environmental factors play an important role. Also, window installation plays a huge part in how new windows will perform – whether they are a single pane window or a double pane window.

There’s a spike in your energy bills.

We know that energy costs have been rising. However, consider your energy consumption the next time you receive your bill. How does it compare to previous years? Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint by installing modern windows that offer more energy efficiency?

old house window replacement

Newer windows are more energy efficient. As a result, you might be able to save money during the summer when you run your air conditioning when you replace your current windows with Energy Star certified products.

Your windows aren’t functioning as they should.

On your next day off work, go from room to room to inspect your windows. Ask yourself these five questions as you complete your inspection.

  1. Does the window open?
  2. Does the window lock?
  3. Is there fogged glass, or do you notice condensation?
  4. Is there window damage (or cracked glass)?
  5. Do you hear outside noises even when the older windows are closed?

Some of these problems need to be addressed immediately. After all, you could be putting your family in danger if they sleep in a room where the windows are sealed. Additionally, windows that don’t lock on the main floor of your house mean that your home is not secure. 

Your windows are ugly.

Finally, it might be time to look into replacing windows if your current windows add nothing to your home’s curb appeal. And if you are selling your house soon, you need to look at your property as home buyers would.

You are getting your home ready to sell.

Take a look at this Cost vs. Value report that provides data on the return on investment of completing specific home improvement projects. As you can see, investing in new windows for your home may pay off when you sell your property.

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