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With summer approaching, many homeowners are expected to utilize their air conditioning units to keep their indoors comfortable. Even so, many still resort to opening their windows during hot days to achieve a cooler home. Some, however, firmly believe in closing them instead. Which one is better, then?

Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local source of vinyl windows, shed light on the matter in today’s article.

Insulation Is Key

It depends on whether your home is well-insulated or not. Generally, a home that has adequate insulation allows cool air to remain indoors during warm weather. In that regard, it would make sense to keep the windows closed, especially if the temperature outside is hotter than it is inside. Come nighttime, you have the option to open them since the outdoors are cooler than the indoors.

This, however, won’t work if certain areas of your home are not well-insulated. It feels hot inside a home with insufficient attic and wall insulation, even if you have for yourself replacement windows that can ensure insulation. In this instance, opening them throughout the entire day is imperative.

Preparing Your Home for Summer

While getting your home ready for summer, not only should you focus on your windows, insulation, and your use of the AC unit. Consider a home energy audit, for one. This evaluation allows you to prioritize your project so you can save the most on your energy bills.

You also have the option to pursue window upgrades. Units that show signs of damage due to aging may need to be replaced with energy-efficient windows. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, our high-performance windows have triple-pane glass and other energy-saving features that will help you minimize heat transfer and ensure comfort all year round.

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