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Are you excited for your window installation day? We understand why window replacement would put a spring in your step! Windows and doors make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room. Also, you might be happy about the added security and increased efficiency that are a part of a window replacement project.

While you are certainly looking forward to the installation of your new custom window (or patio door), there are a few things you could do to ensure the installation process goes smoothly. Your contractor may have provided you with a list of instructions on how to prepare for your window or door replacement project. However, here are some general instructions to help you feel as if you are fully prepared.

Preparing for Your Window Replacement

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the arrival of your installation team. Here are tips for preparing your home for new window installation.

Remove your window treatments.

Take down your current window coverings or blinds. This would be an excellent time to give them a good cleaning if you plan to use the same window coverings once your new windows are installed.

Prepare for the installation process by taking down surrounding wall decor. 

Besides taking care to remove window treatments, also take down any nearby decorations. The process of removing your old windows may cause your walls to shake slightly. While your installation crew certainly doesn’t want to damage your precious family pictures, wall hangings, and other wall decorations – sometimes accidents happen. Make sure all breakables have been moved to a safe location.

Remove your window alarms.

You might want to consult your security company to see if there are any special instructions for temporarily removing your sensors. 

Window Installation Checklist

Clear space for the crews to work.

Your installers need adequate room to work. Clear walkways from obstructions so no one trips while carrying equipment and your new replacement windows. Move away furniture and other things that surround your window area before installation day. Also, don’t forget that your installers will also need to work outside your house. 

Cover your remaining furniture and flooring.

Installing windows can be a messy business. The crew may cover your furniture and flooring with drop cloths. Ask your contractor about this when you schedule the job so you can plan ahead.

Figure out what to do with your kids and pets on install day.

A construction zone isn’t a good place for Rover or Billy. Keep them safe by getting them out of the house for the day of window installation.

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We don’t want you to think that getting new windows is a lot of work for the homeowner. When you work with the right team, the window replacement process doesn’t have to be painful.

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