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If you follow contemporary design blogs, you may have seen luxury homes with glass wall systems – most of the time overlooking a pristine beach. These spectacular spaces are undoubtedly swoon-worthy. Who wouldn’t enjoy moving glass walls in coastal areas with moderate temperatures? The good news is that you can achieve a similar feel in more modest homes by installing oversized windows and doors.

Here are some window and door ideas on how to increase the natural light in your home while still maintaining your privacy and home’s energy efficiency.

Types of Oversized Windows and Doors

While installing moving glass walls may land you in contemporary home design blogs, they are not practical for more modest houses – and in less friendly climate zones. So here’s a different approach to creating a stately wall with clean lines and natural light.

Oversized Bay windows

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A bay window projects outward from the exterior walls of a room to form a “bay.” 

Although there are many different types of bay windows, they are typically formed when a large picture window is flanked on both sides by either casement or double-hung windows. The side windows are set at an angle, and the bay window unit juts out from the side of the house.

Benefits of Large Bay Windows

  • Creates a bumped-out window seat
  • Increases the amount of natural light inside a home by allowing sunlight to come through different angles
  • Gives homeowners more expansive views of the outdoors
  • Adds an interesting focal point to the exterior and interior of a home 

Oversized Picture windows

When you think of oversized windows, you may envision large picture windows. However, there’s more to picture windows than a large pane of glass. 

Picture windows come in a wide variety of specialty shapes and grid patterns that would suit all styles of homes. 

Benefits of Large Picture Windows

  • Allows more natural light inside the home
  • Can be used to frame an exterior feature of your home beautifully
  • Improves energy efficiency of your home (since picture windows cannot open)
  • Oversized windows create drama and a point of interest in your room
  • Can be flanked on both sides with double-hung windows to improve air circulation in your room
  • Can improve your home’s efficiency in the summer and winter by choosing a low-E glass option 

Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

oversized doors

A sliding glass patio door is a popular choice for a contemporary-style home because it mimics the feel of large windows. Some homeowners add windows above and to the side of their sliding glass doors for added punch. Check out contemporary options for sliding glass doors if you plan to complete this project. They come in large sizes and various colors (including black sliding patio doors.)

Benefits of Large Sliding Glass Doors

  • Gives you an unobstructed view of the outdoors
  • Perfect doors for tight spaces
  • Secure door for added protection

Oversized French Doors

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There are many different options for French doors. You can choose different colors, sizes, grilles, and hardware to suit your space best. Some homeowners add windows above or around their French patio doors.

Benefits of Large French Patio Doors

  • Opens to create a large doorway
  • Secure and durable
  • Ideal for larger spaces
  • Enhanced ventilation when screens are added

Contact a Professional for Big Windows and Doors

You may still dream of having moving glass walls fold out onto your private beach. Don’t give up on that dream. But for now, consider how replacing windows and doors can help create a beautiful, secure, and energy-efficient living space. 

Woodbridge Home Solutions is your go-to source for doors and windows in Dallas, Lubbock, and throughout Texas and Kansas. We offer countless styles, shapes, and glass options and will ensure your new window or door is perfectly installed. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design session. 

Oversized Doors and Windows: Key Takeaways

  • Bay windows create a beautiful focal point on the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Large picture windows can let in more natural light without reducing energy efficiency.
  • When you add windows to the top and sides, your sliding glass door can feel even larger.
  • French patio doors can open on both sides to create an expansive entryway to an outdoor living area.
  • Oversized windows and doors are important design elements in contemporary design.
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