home decor trends in 2023

We have scoured the best design blogs to compile this list of interior design trends you can expect to see in 2023. After looking at this list, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. Our design consultants will help you select new kitchen cabinets (Dallas, TX market only) or window styles that will dramatically alter your living space. 

Top Interior Design Trends of 2023

You’ll notice that some of the 2023 design trends seem familiar. That’s because only some things are changing in the year ahead. For example, organic shapes and nature-inspired spaces are trendy and aren’t going anywhere.

Biophilic designs

Biophilic designs refer to the act of incorporating natural-looking textures, colors, and elements into one’s home. So, you’ll continue to see outdoor elements inside the house, such as big stumps used as end tables and lots of baskets and plants. 

We love how biophilic designs will also persist in commercial spaces. So you’ll see more living walls and rooftop gardens in offices, universities, and medical facilities.

Color trends

There seems to be some discrepancy over the anticipated color trends for 2023. Some sources think we will see dark, moody colors like deep forest green, purple, or rich reddish brown for walls and furnishings. However, other sources state that the colors will continue to reflect the biophilic designs, such as quiet greens, calming blues, and warm neutrals. 

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Art Deco

How fun that decor trends of the 2020s reflect the style of the 1920s! Art deco is characterized by the use of geometric decorations and the use of glamorous materials, such as jade, silver, and chrome. 

Ribbed and fluted furniture and accents

Consider purchasing ribbed or fluted furniture or accents for a unique way to add more texture to your space. Trust us – now that you have heard of this trend, you will see it all over the place – and in various materials. 


We know that the comeback of wallpaper scares many of you – especially if you spent hours removing dusty blue wallpaper from your kitchen during the 1990s. However, wallpaper is an easy way to create a focal point and another way to add more color to a room.

Locally-Sourced Decor

There will continue to be an interest in locally-sourced decor – instead of decorating with mass-produced items. Hand-picking your decor will provide warmth and add character to your space. After all, your home should represent your style. There’s a great deal of freedom in this type of design. One must visit local shops and galleries and choose items that represent your most authentic self.

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Decorating with meaningful objects

Designers are seeing more people decorate with meaningful objects that bring them joy. Perhaps you feel comforted viewing your grandma’s collection of shot glasses or your grandfather’s collection of fly fishing lures. You may love displaying the antique maps you have collected since childhood or want to display vintage postcards or photographs passed down to you from previous generations.

Curvaceous forms

Alas, the curvaceous forms we are referring to can be found in curved furniture, such as curved end tables and sofas. Interesting shapes make a space feel softer. It’s incredible how a curved piece of furniture could make such a significant impact on the overall design of a room.

Statement rugs

You’ve seen statement rugs in high-end interior design for decades. This is a great way to add bold colors to interiors. What a great idea for renters!

Not minimalism. No maximalism. But something in between

All-white kitchens or spaces without color and energy are no longer in vogue. But, on the other hand, people no longer want dozens of throw pillows and multiple comforters to deal with when they make their bed each morning. 

There is more of an emphasis on creating an authentic space based on your personal style – instead of the style of an interior designer. Now – that’s a design trend that we can get behind!

Redesign Your Home’s Exterior

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