Black Windows

If you follow trends in home design, you may have recently noticed an increase in the use of black window frames as opposed to a traditional white window frames. We love this home design trend. If you are in the process of shopping for replacement windows, here are some reasons you should consider black window frames.

Are Black Frame Windows a Passing Fad?

No, black windows aren’t a fad. While we understand that some homeowners are a bit reticent to follow designer trends, black frame windows aren’t anything new.

black windows trend

Black steel windows have been around for ages. They were used in century-old factory buildings during the industrial era. Of course, now that many of those buildings have been converted into modern homes, others are excited to mimic this beautiful feature. As a result, you will find it in many interior design catalogs and websites. 

So, we don’t view black windows as a passing fad. Instead, we see them as a classic choice for your home that can accommodate multiple home styles. 

Why We Love Black Window Frames as Replacement Windows

Are you considering using a black window frame for your window replacement project? Here are some reasons for selecting black windows.

Black frames create a bold contrast.

Black frame windows add a bold contrast to both exterior and interior spaces. 

On the inside, black windows work well with white or light wood cabinets and light-colored countertops. 

Additionally, many like pairing black windows with a white or extremely light exterior color. This eye-popping design trend makes a bold statement, but it is classic at the same time. 

Black works with a variety of color palettes.

Home color trends change rather quickly. However, both black and white windows typically go with every color. Therefore, you can repaint your walls using the go-to trend while not worrying that your black windows will look weird or clash. 

black frame windows

Black windows can be statement pieces.

You can certainly use your new black replacement windows as your room’s focal point – especially if they frame a beautiful outdoor scene. In fact, you can enjoy even more of this bold contrast creation when you keep the windows bare. 

Black windows will match other elements of your home. 

It’s visually appealing to see the same color repeated several times in the design of a room – especially when that color is black. And black is probably already used in many of your home’s exterior and interior elements. 

black vinyl windows

For example, many modern living rooms have black fireplaces or light fixtures. You’ll be amazed when you replace your white window frames in your kitchen – as the black frames will offer a beautiful visual complement to your appliances or tile.

Searching for Black Window Frames? Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions

The black vinyl windows trend is here to stay. If you love the focused visual impact black windows provide, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. We do replacement windows in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas and can custom design windows in any color, style, shape, and size.