Woodbridge Home Exteriors, a trusted company that provides vinyl replacement windows and other building products and services, discusses some of the design trends that established the classic American home.



White trim and dark-colored clapboard siding became especially popular in regions like New England. And due to its timeless appeal, it has continued to catch the eye of today’s homeowners. This era also saw the rise of the Craftsman home, which was typically constructed with gabled roofs, triangular columns, wide porches and muted colors.


Mixed materials became prominent in the 1920s, so it was common to see exteriors made with stone and clapboard.


The farmhouse style was often distinguished by vertical cladding in classic “barn red” and a white dutch door. Its simple charm has kept a steady popularity to this day.


This period found the Classic Cape Cod-style homes and cozy cottages as a popular choice. With understated exterior details matched with simple white shutters, these architectural styles reflected the economy of the World War II era.


Sleek lines, silhouettes, large windows and cheerful colors became this decade’s go-to style.


The distinct style of this era was mainly seen on home exteriors. White clapboard siding, cupolas and classic shutters were the highlights of many American homes.


Brick and earthtones dominated home exteriors in the 70s. The combination of brick and earthy colors were so popular that it was also the trend in fashion back then.


This era witnessed the birth of the “contemporary” style, which was often defined by neutral stucco and eclectic exteriors. Also, during this period, it was common for a homeowner to request arched or hexagonal-shaped windows from a window company.


Going back to simpler designs, home exteriors in the 90s featured a more streamlined look. 


Neutrals ruled the exteriors of homes. Moreover, soft hues of beige, gray and brown were accentuated by striking colors often used on the front door. This contrast definitely added curb appeal to several homes.


Traditional materials are having a comeback although not in exactly the same form. Manufacturers have made traditional-looking building materials that require significantly less upkeep and provide better energy efficiency — two things that greatly appeal to modern homeowners. Other things that have defined this era so far are cool-hued roof shingles, deep-hued siding and retractable doors and windows.

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