black patio doors

Completing a door replacement project allows you to purchase products that will improve your home’s energy efficiency while also updating its design. So, if it is time to replace your sliding glass doors, consider replacing them with black patio doors.

Things to Consider When Buying Black Patio Doors

  • Black patio doors are a great choice for homes with modern or traditional designs.
  • Sliding patio doors allow in a lot of light. They are also perfect for tight spaces.
  • Black french doors make beautiful statement pieces. 

Home Styles That Look Best with Black Patio Doors

Your black-frame sliding glass door (accompanied by nearby black-frame windows) will make a dramatic statement – no matter the style of your home. 

black sliding patio doors

Modern and Contemporary Style Homes

Black patio doors on modern and contemporary homes offer sleek lines and thin profiles, making your space feel polished and clean. A sliding door’s large glass panels can further enhance that modern aesthetic. 

Traditional Homes

Black is a neutral and timeless color. Its presence is essential in home decor. Black French doors will connect your traditional (or Farmhouse style) home to the past – when black windows and doors were everywhere.

As you probably know, there are two types of patio doors to consider: the sliding patio door and the French patio door. There are benefits to both sliding and French door styles.

Black Sliding Glass Doors

Modern sliding doors can have two, three, or four sliding panels. Some styles fold to create wide access to the outdoors. Regardless of the style and number of panels, here are some of the benefits of doors that slide open.

black sliding glass doors

The benefit of black frame sliding glass doors is that they maximize light in your space, as most designs feature single glass frames. 

In addition, since sliding patio doors don’t swing open, they require less space to operate. This makes them the perfect choice for tight spaces.

Black French Patio Doors

Some people prefer French patio doors (or hinged doors) for use as patio doors. In fact, the combination of black French doors (and black framed windows) with a simple grille pattern can make a beautiful and sophisticated entrance to a backyard or patio area.

Like sliding glass doors, French doors can be screened to let in the fresh air

Learn More About Black Patio Doors 

After Woodbridge Home Solutions installs new patio doors on your home, you’ll feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Every patio door installed by Woodbridge Home Solutions comes with a lifetime transferable warranty on labor and materials that even covers glass breakage.

Are you unsure what style or color would be best for your space? Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our expert design team will help you achieve the look you want. 

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