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Sliding patio doors provide ample amounts of natural lighting and ventilation, all without needing much space. As with often-used parts of a home, sliding patio doors are subject to problems unique to their design. Patio door contractor Woodbridge Home Solutions shares sliding patio door problems and how they can be addressed.


Door Sashes Are Hard to Open and Close

Instead of hinges, sliding patio doors are mounted on rollers set onto the bottom frame. Under continued use, dirt and debris may get lodged into these spaces. This results in the door sashes being stuck or difficult to slide open and closed.

Sliding door sashes are typically removable, so what you can do is carefully remove them according to their care and maintenance guide. Clean the rollers and track using a stiff brush, vacuum the dirt and debris, and apply lubrication. The door sashes should be good as new once put back.

Misaligned Sashes

Sliding patio door sashes may become misaligned due to thermal expansion and contraction. This is common if the frame is made of a different material from the sashes. Often this can be resolved by simply sliding the sashes back and forth a few times. Erroneously installed hardware may also be a problem, so you may need to have your patio door contractor address it. Replacement windows with sliding sashes may benefit from the same solution if the sashes are misaligned.

Latches Won’t Catch

Try oiling or applying spray lubrication to the sliding patio door lock if it won’t catch. If it doesn’t work, you may need to have the lock assembly replaced. If the patio door is fairly new, chances are you may be able to find a drop-in replacement for it. Avoid stripping the screw holes by retaining the old screws and reusing them when you install the replacement latches.

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