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If you need replacement windows for your home, you have a golden opportunity. Instead of replacing your old windows with double hung windows of the same size, why not consider enlarging your window frame to install a picture window?

A picture window would have the most dramatic effect of all the windows you can add to a room. However, any time you change window styles, there’s a lot to consider. 

Here are the questions people often have regarding picture windows.

What are picture windows?

Picture windows are appropriately named. They are large panes of glass with a low profile (minimal) frame designed to maximize your view. Do you have a beautiful exterior that you wish to highlight? A picture window will provide unobstructed views and can create a dramatic effect.

What are the benefits of enlarging a window frame?

One of the benefits of adding larger windows to a space is that it will add more natural light, which will make your room feel larger and brighter. It’s a great way to get maximum impact from a window replacement project.


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Another benefit that is not often considered is that unlike a typical single hung window or other sliding windows, picture windows are fixed windows. This means they don’t open. As a result, fixed windows are more energy efficient than any other window type. This energy efficiency can be even more pronounced when insulating gas windows are utilized.

What are the drawbacks of picture windows?

Not all homeowners want to have more extensive views of their home’s exterior, and they may worry about the security of having such a large expanse that will make it easier for others to see inside the house.

Finally, even though you may have more heat loss with a typical double hung window during the winter, you can at least open those windows on a pleasant spring day. When you install a fixed window, you limit your ability to obtain outside air and more ventilation in the home.

What styles of picture windows are available?

Like any other home improvement project, you have many options when adding new windows to your space. If you are concerned about not having windows that open, you could consider having the main window surrounded by smaller windows that can provide ventilation.

Replacement or new picture windows come in various shapes or grid patterns. As a result, they can make a significant difference to your home’s aesthetic.

How can I be sure I receive the best quality replacement windows?

If you are searching for new home windows in Texas, reach out to Woodbridge Home Solutions. Our design team and sales rep will help you choose beautiful windows perfect for your space. A local company makes our windows, and our installation crews are the best.

Woodbridge Home Solutions is the right home renovation company for you, whether you want to add or replace your picture window, egress window, casement windows, or patio door. Schedule an appointment with our solutions team today.

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