common window problems

We know that, in many cases, it’s cheaper to repair household items rather than replace them. However, windows are the exception to that rule. Here are some common window problems that indicate you need new windows. 

Most Common Window Problems (That Indicate It Might Be Time for New Windows)

Broken glass can be unsightly and cause you to reach for a sweater. However, those types of broken windows can be fixed fairly easily. However, some common problems may indicate it is time for new windows. 

The window isn’t functioning properly. 

Most windows are designed to be opened and closed – as some windows act as exits during an emergency. Additionally, windows should be able to be secured to reduce the likelihood of intruders breaking into your home.

A window that is stuck shut is a safety hazard. And broken locks on your windows mean that your home is open to burglars. So, if your window doesn’t form these basic functions, it’s time to consider replacement windows.

You feel cold drafts around the window frame. 

A drafty, leaky window may be caused by a broken or damaged seal. So, consider installing more energy-efficient windows if you feel cold air and see other signs of drafty windows (such as moving curtains or blinds when the window is closed). 

replace windows

There’s condensation between the panes of glass. 

While there are measures that you can take to reduce interior condensation, there’s nothing you can do to get rid of condensation between panes of glass. Instead, ask your local window technician if you can replace the glass or if the whole window needs to be replaced. 

You hear every barking dog in the neighborhood. 

Your old windows may be affecting your family’s sleep. If you hear every barking dog and passing car when you are inside your home with the windows shut, it might be time for replacement windows. Shop for double pane windows (or, better yet, triple window panes!) to reduce the noise level in your home. 

Your wood windows are falling apart. 

There’s little you can do about rotting window frames. Unfortunately, age and extreme weather will eventually take their toll. The good news is that your new vinyl windows will last longer – with very few maintenance requirements. 

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Key Takeaways: When Is It Time for New Windows?

  • Your windows should be able to open, close, and lock. If they can’t perform properly at this basic level, it might be time for a window replacement project.
  • Drafty windows and condensation may indicate that the window has a broken seal. 
  • Hearing exterior noise inside the home may also mean you could benefit from a window upgrade.
  • Wood exposed to the elements eventually will rot. As a result, your wooden windows may need to be replaced.