maintenance for replacement windows

Windows are a surface often exposed to wind, rain, and other elements. This means they will get dirty over time and require regular maintenance to keep clean. They can also cause a home to lose nearly 25 percent of its energy. The proper care and maintenance of replacement windows will ensure they are in tip-top shape to provide peak performance. Proper care of newly installed windows will prevent issues from causing a problem in the future.

Cleaning Windows

Basic cleaning of newly installed windows must be done at least once yearly. This should be done primarily in the spring before the onset of summer. A standard paintbrush can be used to remove all the dirt that has accumulated on the outside sill and in the window tracks. The cleaning of window tracks is especially important for sliding or gliding windows. Keeping the tracks free of debris, such as cobwebs or dead bugs, allows the window to open and close normally.

If a window does not fully close, it will not create a proper seal. The frame, sash, and glass also need to be kept clean. Sunlight coming into the home through the windows is a source of natural light. Windows that are dirty limit the amount of light coming into the home.

Regular Maintenance

Woodbridge windows have a built-in drainage or weep system. This will allow water collected in the tracks to weep out of the frame. If the weep holes are blocked by debris, there will be a potential issue should a rainstorm occur. A pointed object can easily clear the weep holes of dirt or other obstructions. Check the weep holes each spring. Weatherstripping is also important for how a window performs. If the weatherstripping is dirty or has deteriorated over time, a window cannot create an adequate seal. Replacement weatherstripping can easily be found at any local home improvement store.

Window Hardware

Windows have many accessories, including latches, sash locks, rollers, and operators. Accessories on a window will need to be inspected yearly to ensure they work as expected. Performance and security may be compromised if the accessories fail to work properly. Replacement parts are needed if a window has any accessories that are broken. Restoring a window to proper working order is crucial for home safety and convenience.

Window Condensation

Excessive condensation on new windows means there is elevated humidity. The constant appearance of condensation on windows can signify an inadequate seal. Check that the window is free of dirt and debris along the sash. If an air conditioner is placed inside a window, dirt can accumulate on the sash and prevent a suitable seal.

Additional Information

Woodbridge offers a wide variety of double-hung windows. Our double-hung windows have a top and bottom sash that tilts out for easy cleaning. Tilting the sashes allows the glass and tracks to be easily cleaned. The sashes on windows are also removable when a yearly cleaning is necessary.

If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of new replacement windows, we encourage you to contact our Woodbridge team for more information.

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