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Are you struggling to decide whether to get your windows repaired or replaced? Here’s the ultimate guide to window replacement or repair.

Team Window Repair: Reasons to Fix Your Existing Windows

Here are a few reasons you might consider repair over replacement.

Chipped paint

The paint will eventually chip on your wood windows. That’s just what they do. However, if the window frame isn’t warped or rotten, you can prepare the surface for painting or staining and take care of this cosmetic fix instead of buying new windows. 

Broken glass

Cracked or broken glass isn’t a reason to complete a window replacement project. However, it’s worth noting that some new window warranties will cover window glass breaks! And – if there are a lot of broken windows, it might be worth having a window replacement expert give you a quote. 

Broken or poorly functioning hardware

Window hardware can be replaced, adjusted, or lubricated. If you have a few windows that don’t lock, see if replacement parts are available.

To preserve historic features of your home

If you have an older home, the local historical society may require that you preserve certain structural elements of your home – such as the windows. Or perhaps it is your personal preference to keep your old wooden windows. 

Key Takeaways: Reasons to Repair Windows

  • Window repair may be preferable in historic homes to maintain the home’s architectural integrity. 
  • Repairs can be a good option when you have a minor problem affecting only a few windows.

window replacement

Team Replacement: Reasons to Purchase Replacement Windows

Often it makes more sense to replace a window instead of repairing it. 

Broken, warped, cracked window frame

Window frames – especially wood and aluminum – react to temperature extremes. If your window frames are broken, warped, or cracked – it’s best to replace your windows.

Failed glass seal

Do you notice debris or condensation between your window panes? Foggy windows could be a sign of a failed seal. Unfortunately, if you have this common problem, you may need to replace your windows. 

Increased energy usage

Window technology has come a long way in the last few years. However, if your energy usage has increased, try to fight the problem with replacement windows. Of course, you will achieve the best results if you replace all your windows simultaneously. However, you might feel a difference by replacing just a few of the draftiest. 

To replace single-pane windows

Speaking of energy usage, consider a full window replacement if your current windows have a single pane of glass. You’ll be able to tell a huge difference when you upgrade to triple-pane windows.

Key Takeaways: Reasons to Replace Windows

  • Finding window restoration technicians can be challenging.
  • Homes built before 1960 have lead-based paint, so repairing older windows comes with some risk.
  • New replacement windows will be much more energy efficient than your older windows. 
  • New windows can help reduce the cost of energy bills.
  • Installing energy-efficient windows will make your home feel more comfortable. 

Should I Have My Windows Repaired or Replaced?

Many times it is cheaper to replace the entire window than it is to repair old windows. If you are ready to upgrade to vinyl window frames, schedule a consultation with Woodbridge Home Solutions. You’ll love how your new windows will feel and look when you remove your old drafty windows. 

Woodbridge Home Solutions provides replacement windows in Dallas, Amarillo, Lubbock, and surrounding areas.

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