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Most people don’t think about the harmful effect of sunlight on windows. But sunlight and heat can impact a window’s appearance and lifespan. Is there something you can do to protect your windows from the heat? Here are a few summer window care tips to consider and a few summer window cleaning tips.

Summer Window Care Tips

Besides adding an awning or planting a tree, you can do little to protect your existing windows from sun damage. However, examining your windows during the summer months and fixing any problems you notice can extend the life of your windows.

Look for stress cracks. 

Fluctuating temperatures and weather may cause small cracks to form around the edges of the window frame. These thermal stress cracks may grow into a network of fractures if not repaired properly.

Examine the inside and outside of every window frame in your home.

Don’t just look at the glass – also examine every window frame in your home. Look for discoloration, which is likely caused by sun damage. But also look for rust, cracks, and water stains on the walls, ceilings, and sills. 

Make sure your windows function properly.

Your windows need to be able to open and close. Sometimes a thorough cleaning can remove dirt or debris affecting the window operation. But damaged windows need to be fixed or replaced. 

During your inspection, make sure the windows can be secured and locked.

summer cleaning window tips

Summer Window Cleaning Tips

While completing your summer window check, you might as well take care of your dirty windows. Here are some window cleaning tips

Choose a still, overcast day for cleaning windows. 

Bright sunlight and a breeze may cause your cleaning solution to dry prematurely and cause streaky windows.

Grab a spray bottle of your favorite cleaning solution. 

You may have a favorite glass cleaning solution. Whether you use store-bought glass cleaner, white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, or hot soapy water, have all the tools you need on hand as you get started. A dried-on cleaning solution can cause streaky windows. 

Start by cleaning your window frame.

Vacuum the dust and debris from your window frame and screens. Then wash the frame and sill with a sponge and hot soapy water. 

Experiment with different cleaning tools. 

If you have a lot of bird droppings and other stuck-on debris, start the vinyl window cleaning process with a sponge or a clean cloth. However, to make your glass surface streak free, switch cleaning solutions and your cleaning tool.

You could use what the professionals use – a rubber blade for cleaning your windows. However, you may have more success when using a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. 

Purchase Replacement Windows That Can Handle Direct Sun

You can do little to protect your window from sun damage, but you can purchase replacement windows made for your local climate. 

If your windows get a lot of direct sun, install thicker, stronger panes of glass. 

To help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home – and to prevent fading and sun damage to your home’s interior, consider a low-E glass coating to help block UV rays. 

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Key Takeaways About Maintaining and Cleaning Windows

  • Examine your windows regularly for signs of sun damage and deterioration.
  • Use this opportunity to clean your windows using your favorite cleaning products and tools.
  • If your windows get a lot of direct sun exposure, purchase replacement windows that can withstand UV rays.
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