storm damaged windows

Roofs are not the only part of your home that gets damaged during a storm. Windows can also be damaged by airborne debris or a sudden gust of wind. Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares the things you should watch for if your vinyl windows sustain damage after a storm.

Keep Your Family Safe and Assess the Window Damage

First, ensure your family’s safety. There are bound to be broken glass pieces around affected windows, so sweep the floor clean of such hazards. Mark these areas and talk to your kids about not getting near the storm windows until they are fixed. Next, inspect the damage. In addition to obvious signs like cracked or shattered glass, make a note of damage or dents on the frame. Condensation between the interior and exterior glass panels—not on the interior surface—indicates a broken seal and will also require repairs.

Contact Your Insurance Provider and Window Contractor

Your insurance provider will need detailed documentation of the damage and an estimate from a replacement windows contractor before they can issue a check for repairs or replacement. You’ll need both an insurance adjuster and your window contractor at your home. The earlier your insurance provider receives the required paperwork, the sooner they can cut the initial check. And the sooner you receive this, the sooner you can get your home repaired.

Don’t Skimp on the Repairs and Upgrades

Ideally, your replacement window contractor will recommend upgrades, such as more durable types of window frames and glass packages, or additions such as energy-efficient storm windows or shutters. Once you receive the initial check—which covers the downpayment for the repair work—stick with what the contractor recommends. After all, regardless of what the repair or replacement costs will be, the only thing you will have to worry about are deductibles. Like-for-like replacements won’t improve your windows’ chances when the next storm comes around. Also, such upgrades may help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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