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Don’t be coaxed into hiring your unemployed brother-in-law to install your new replacement window. Instead, hire certified window installers to complete the project. Certified window installers go through a training and certification program, so you can rest easy that your window and door installation project is completed with precision. 

Here are the reasons you need to hire a window company that only employs certified professionals. 

Replacement Windows Must Be Installed Properly to Reach Maximum Energy Efficiency

Even the tiniest cracks around a window frame can increase air infiltration. Over time, that slight, seemingly inconsequential leak can increase energy costs – causing you to spend hundreds more to heat and cool your home over the decades.

Many homeowners complete a lot of research when buying replacement windows. For example, they examine R values and read about which window products have the highest Energy Star ratings. However, you can throw all of that research out the window if the installation job is done by someone without adequate training. 

Concerned About Mold? You Should Be!

A properly installed window will form a waterproof barrier between the edge of the window and the wall. If it doesn’t, and water seeps into the tiny space, you could experience a world of problems.

Water that gets in the interior cavities of your home can cause damage to the house’s structure. Additionally, we all know the health consequences associated with mold, and mold loves moist, dark environments. 

In many cases, window problems are caused by faulty installation – not problems with the window itself.

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Be Selective About Who You Let Inside Your Home

A new window installer is serious about maintaining a positive reputation. They want to do a fantastic job on your project because they have dedicated the time and energy to learn a highly skilled trade. 

In addition, window companies that hire professional installers want positive reviews and A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau. If a person and company earn their bread and butter by providing quality window installation projects, they are more likely to provide better service throughout the entire process. 

Is It Time For New Windows or Doors? Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions

If you want your new windows installed right, hire Woodbridge Home Solutions. Not only are our installers concerned about exceeding job site safety protection standards, but they will also ensure your windows, front door, or patio doors are installed to the manufacturer’s standards to ensure secure, energy-efficient windows and doors. 

Since 1989, Woodbridge Home Solutions has served homeowners with exceptional home remodeling services. All our Dallas window installers are insured, certified, and bonded. Not only do we offer lifetime transferable warranties on materials and labor, but we also carry a wide selection of high-quality, maintenance-free products. 

Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions today if it’s time to replace your old windows. 

Why It’s Important to Hire a Certified Window Installer for Your Replacement Window Project

  • New windows are a big investment. Ensure the window installer has undergone professional training and is tested on their work.
  • New windows can lower energy bills and form a waterproof barrier – but only if installed to industry standards.
  • Whether you are placing one window (or more windows), choose a window company that hires professional, certified installers. Be careful about who you let inside your house. 
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