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You’ve heard that new windows are only as good as the quality of the installation. So, how do you select new window installers from all the window installation companies in your area? 

How to Pick a Window Installation Company

  • Hire an experienced company specializing in window installation.
  • Ask who will be performing your specific project.
  • Beware lowball offers. They may be too good to be true.
  • Ask about the efficiency specs of each window style.

Tips on Selecting a Company for the Installation of Replacement Windows

Even ardent DIYers hire experts to install replacement windows. So if it’s time to upgrade your current windows to maintenance-free vinyl windows, here are some tips on selecting a company.

Hire a company that lists window installation services as one of its specialties.

The handyman your brother-in-law recommended may do window installation, interior painting projects, and tile work. While he might be an excellent worker, hiring a window installer who is professionally trained for the job is crucial. 

In addition, such workers may not have the appropriate insurance for this type of work. So, what would happen if they fell off a ladder and hurt themselves while repairing the window frames?

You can save money on the window installation process when you hire a general maintenance worker for the installation job. However, your home’s windows may not last as long or function properly, and there may be additional worries if something goes wrong.

Hire a window replacement company with experience.

We know that every company has to get its start somewhere, but you are taking a chance if you purchase windows from a company that has been around just a few years. Whether purchasing double-hung windows for your bedroom or installing bay windows in your dining room, hire a company with a proven track record. Chances are that they will still be around if something goes wrong a few years from now.

Ask about the crew.

With the current labor shortage, some upstart companies have to hire unskilled workers who they quickly train to get them out in the field. Ask who will be completing your project. If it’s “Bob,” who has been in the business for 22 years, you can assume that the company treats its employees well and that the employees care about their craft. 

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Check the reviews of new window installers.

Check your favorite review site for customer reviews. Zero reviews might mean the window replacement company is new to the community – so proceed with caution. Instead, look for companies with mostly positive reviews. 

Don’t worry too much if you find a couple of negative customer reviews. Some people make it their mission to be grumpy about every service they receive. Instead, see how the company responds to the negative review to get a better idea of the situation.

While online reviews are valuable, remember to ask the neighbor down the street with several picture windows installed on their home for recommendations.

Beware of quotes that are too low.

As you consider replacing your existing windows with a high-quality energy-efficient product, beware of quotes that seem too low. There may be a reason they have to offer such cheap prices to attract homeowners. 

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Window replacement companies may offer other services too!

Often, window installation is performed by companies offering door and siding installation. Such companies may provide you with a discount on your window replacement costs if you purchase other materials and services from them.

Make sure the company is certified to install high-quality windows.

Finally, make sure that the company will install high-quality window products. Check the energy efficiency ratings and the manufacturer’s warranty. Ask about the type of glass used and discuss ways energy-efficient windows can lower your utility bills. High-quality installation is important, as is selecting high-quality window products.

Woodbridge Home Solutions Offers High-Quality Window Installation

We at Woodbridge Home Solutions are proud of our window installation team. We hire the best in the business – and it shows! 

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