One of the characteristics of a modern home is that it uses large windows almost invariably. You could see them employ floor-to-ceiling windows almost exclusively, even in bedrooms. This is mainly because modern homes espouse energy efficiency, and natural lighting helps reduce energy expenses during the day.

That said, there are some unique advantages and disadvantages to large windows and small ones. In today’s post, Woodbridge Home Solutions, your trusted home replacement windows provider in the area, compares the two.

Large Windows

To cut a long story short: large windows are beautiful. Not only do they let you frame your outdoors much more nicely than a small window could, but they lend a touch of minimalism to your interior. Plus, natural lighting in the mix helps your room look wider and more accommodating.

That said, there are certain associated costs with large windows. Not only are they more difficult to maintain and clean, but large windows let not just light in. When the windows face the sun, they also allow heat into the room, and even the best windows still let some heat in (unless you use an opaque window—then why make a window in the first place?). This means that large windows can indirectly lead to an increase in your energy bills.

Small Windows

Small windows, on the other hand, look quaint, and while not as gorgeous by themselves as large windows, they do have their appeal. For instance, you can use them to frame certain parts of your outside view instead of taking it all in, including the not-so-great parts wholesale. Vinyl replacement windows can be used for this purpose.

Small windows also offer privacy, something which large windows lack. They don’t give passersby an intimate view of your interior. Plus, if you set them high up on your walls, they would still give plenty of natural lighting without compromising your security.

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